10 Cheap Guns Under $250 - Handguns

10 Cheap Guns Under $250 – Handguns

First, understand that market prices fluctuate widely, and only a small percentage of retailers adhere strictly to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This includes the MSRP for each gun (when new), but I’ve also included a pricing point for these firearms that I’ve observed online, which is below our $250 cap. MSRP: There’s a chance that some of the names and models mentioned here are no longer available. However, you can find pre-owned firearms at a pawn store, a gun show, or on websites like.10 Cheap Guns Under $250 – Handguns.

In no particular order, here are the 10 most affordable handguns on the market today:

Cobra Arms Freedom .380 – $127*

Cobra Freedom 380

The Cobra Arms Freedom.380, which retails for around $127, was the cheapest newly made firearm in the United States at the time. The handgun is made and constructed entirely in the United States (Utah), and a lifetime guarantee is included with each purchase. The Cobra.380 weighs 24 ounces when empty and holds seven bullets in its magazine. The Cobra can also be had in.32 ACP for an additional two rounds, bringing the total to eight. Tip: Try searching GunBroker for “cobra.380” to see if you can locate any listings. 10 Cheap Guns Under $250 – Handguns.

Hi-Point C9 – $189 ($155)

Hi-Point C9

Hi-Point Firearms was established in 1992 with the express purpose of making dependable and affordable firearms while ignoring complexity and aesthetics. A range of pistols and carbines with basic mechanics was born as a result, offering affordability and dependability. With a polymer frame and massive die cast slide composed of zinc alloy, the Hi-Point C9 is one such pistol. Most other handguns have a breech lock, however this one does not. Instead, the pistol relies on sheer weight to keep the slide closed during usage, resulting in a 29-ounce empty weight. The C9 has a 9mm barrel and comes with either an eight- or ten-round magazine.

DoubleTap Pistol – $499 ($180)

DoubleTap Pistol

The DoubleTap is a derringer-style two-shot pistol with a magazine capacity of 10 rounds. 45 ACP and 9 mm are both legal calibers. The DoubleTap, which bills itself as the “lightest tactical pocket handgun on the market,” is barely 5/8 of an inch wide and weighs 13 ounces. The grip of the handgun allows the user to carry two reload shots in addition to the two shots in the double-barreled action. The trigger pull of the DoubleTap is double-action, with a second-strike option. DoubleTap recommends these two-shot derringers for $500, although they can be had for a fraction of that price.

Chiappa M9-22 – $300 ($185)

M 9 22 plastic

A.22-caliber duplicate of Beretta’s M9, the regular issue sidearm for the US military since the 1980s, is what the Chiappa M9-22 is. Decocking the M9-hammer 22’s is as simple as pulling a trigger on the decocking lever, just like on its big brother. Initial shots are fired in double-action before switching to single-action for subsequent shots. You can choose between two models: a tactical version with a black plastic grip with novak-style fiber optic sights or a conventional version with hardwood handles and an adjustable rear sight for windage. Both models have a 10-round magazine. 10 Cheap Guns Under $250 – Handguns.

Century Zastava M88 – $250 ($200)


The Zastava M88 is an eight-round semi-automatic pistol with a slide modeled like a Browning. It was used by the military and police forces of Serbia and Yugoslavia after the Cold War until it was eventually superseded by pistols from the CZ 99 family. When it comes to safety, the M88 comes in two flavors: no external safety or an external safety affixed to the slide assembly. The M88A is somewhere in between. The pistol’s most popular caliber is 9mm, but it’s also available in.40 S&W for the US market. Search for “Zastava M88” on GunBroker as a starting point. Should be able to locate a few on the market. 10 Cheap Guns Under $250 – Handguns.

NAA 22LR – $209

NAA 22lr

North American Arms, a small derringer-style weapon maker, also makes revolvers in the.22 Long Rifle calibre. There are two barrel lengths available for these pistols: one is 1 and 5/8 inches long, while the other is 1 and 1/8 inches long. Both have five.22LR rounds and weigh about the same, at 4.8 ounces apiece. The largest.22 revolver measures just 4.5 inches length by 2.5 inches tall. They only have the ability to do a single action at a time. Tip: Pawn shops and gun shows are great places to look for these small revolvers.

Century P64 – $211

Polish P64

The Polish P64 is another Cold War relic that was being exported out of the former Soviet Union by the truckload. These low-cost weapons were created in the 1950s and entered service with the Polish military and police in 1964. Although the WIST-94 has gradually replaced it as a primary sidearm, it remains in use. The pistol uses the 9mm Makarov calibre and features a six-round magazine. It has a manual safety and a loaded chamber indicator, and it may be shot in both double-action and single-action modes. Advice: The best places to look for one of these handguns are gun auctions and pawn shops. 10 Cheap Guns Under $250 – Handguns.

Kel-Tec P32 – $325.45 ($230)

Kel-Tec P32

As far as we know, the Kel-Tec P32 is the lightest.32 Auto handgun ever built. It weighs in at just over six pounds when empty. These low-cost firearms weigh just under 9.5 ounces when fully loaded with a seven-round magazine. The P32 is a double-action, hammerless autoloader from the 1930s. Because this pistol lacks a second-strike feature, if the slide jams, you’ll have to re-activate it to for it to fire again. Although they’re still being manufactured, the cost has risen to over $250. You can pick one up for $250 or less every now and then at a pawn shop or gun fair.

RIA M200 .38 – $270 ($232)

RIA M200

Rock Island Armory’s M200 in.38 Special is a good option for individuals who want cheap revolvers but find the NAA.22LR too small. This wheelgun fires six bullets and weighs 1.8 pounds empty. It can be fired in double-action or single-action. Combat polymer grip and a parkerized finish are all included with the handgun. It has a 4-inch barrel, too. A snubnose version with wood grips is also available from RIA for an additional fee, both in normal and hammerless configurations. The manufacturer also offers a matte nickel hammerless version above those two. Note: They’re still being made today, but they’re now $275 more expensive. They’re still on sale for $250 at a number of locations.

Kel-Tec P11 – $347.27 ($249)

Kel-Tec P11

For the second time, Kel-Tec makes an appearance on this list, this time with the P11, a 9mm handgun that falls just short of our budget. In unloaded form, the handgun weighs just 14 ounces, and when the full 10-round magazine is installed, it weighs 20 ounces. The P11 is a double-action-only weapon with second-strike capability, unlike its.32 Auto sibling. Although the Kel-Tec P11 is no longer manufactured, old examples may be obtained on sites like GunBroker for less than $250.

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Published on September 23rd, 2015 – These figures are based on my observations as of the date of publication, but readers may find different results. Handguns Magazine does not guarantee that any certain price will be available. For the most part, this page serves no purpose other than to provide readers with a rough notion of the types of firearms that fall within this price range.

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