6 Unique Handguns That Break The Mold

Even though we all admire the use and the highly decorated past of the
venerable 1911, the usefulness of polymer-framed 9 mm semi-automatic pistons often shift in speed.
How much progress depends on how much you are able to think beyond the box. I am defining these weapons by the word “curious,” because it is an adjective which can describe something as thrilling, fascinating and attentive because it is rare.
It suits the handguns shown here. This description. Are they all too little “out there” to your
liking, or do they just spice up your collection? Look out, take a look. 6 Unique Handguns That Break The Mold

Full Conceal Folding M3D Glock 9 mm

For a variety of reasons, the Complete Conceal M3D pliable gun was an uncommon transport choice.
First off, the pistol was not made by Full Conceal alone. Rather, Glock’s handguns have been taken and many improvements have been made, including a patented trigger, a collapsible trigger guard and a grip folding. That’s right, they cut the grip frame and add multiple clips and hinges to fold the grip against the dust cover.6 Unique Handguns That Break The Mold

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6 Unique Handguns That Break The Mold

Why take one of the most trustworthy pistols that have still been developed and turn it, well?
A small grip will slip in pants and bag pockets sized for sub-compact pistols easily when the weapon is split.
When driving in the front pocket of a pair of jeans the flat squaring profile of the folded M3D seems a lot like a tablet or mobile phone. Since this gun can be held safely in the chamber with a round, the grip can be brought into practice.

Although most of the guns elicit a variety of reactions from the firefighter, M3D seems to have nothing in the way of a centerpiece.
It’s liked by users or despised. Some devotees of Glock are annoyed by what they consider
to be interfering improvements to a forum which is already fine. However, other self-defenders view it as a
way of packing more pistols in less space. You must judge, as always, what works best for you.

Bond Arms Bull-Pup 9 Semi-Auto Pistol

I bet you would expect to see a signature big-book, double- barrel pistols such as
the Rough Series mentioned here for those of you who are familiar with Bond Weapons. This list certainly includes the
company’s all-stainless steel, caliber convertible derringers. But the company sells an even more curious semi-auto pistol.

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Bond Arms Bull-Pup 9 Semi-Auto Pistol

The Bond Arms Bullpup, based on Boberg Arms XR9-S, offers a number of
unique features that keep the gun small and light while reducing the feline resistance.
It weights just 17.5 oz. with a 7075-T6 aircraft-grade, aluminum frame accepting one-stack, seven round magazines
and is just around 5.2″ (4.02″) long, 4.2″ tall and 0.96″ large. It is just 5.1″ high.

This pistol is so unique in how the feeding mechanism functions. Installing the rounds in the chamber has a rear-feeding magazine directly under the revolving barrel’s chamber instead of extracting them from the magazine.
This makes a longer barrel without a longer diaphragm. Additional features include a bowed, steel slide,
dovetailed 3-dot metallic view and hardwood grip. The MSRP is $1,099 for the Bond Weapons Bullpup.

Standard Mfg. S333 Thunderstruck Revolver

The Conn., a manufacturing company based in normal, wants to shake things up in uncommon gun and guns, like the completely unusual Thunderstruck S333 rimfire revolver. The name seems to have originated from the adage that about 90%
of civil self-defense cases require roughly three shots fired at three yds.In three seconds.

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Standard Mfg. S333 Thunderstruck Revolver

This is why the revolver’s name includes three 3s. However, this is
very misleading figures. This double-action gun has an 8-round cylinder and double barrels which start two
shots simultaneously, which makes all the.22 Mag. Maybe this should have been called 824. Shot cartridges with
just four trigger pulls. The S333 has a steel cylinder and barrel insert, a red 3-dot viewing System
and a polymer grip, and is built around a light weight 7075 aluminum frame.

The extended trigger is pulled via the index and middle finger and contains an integral blade safety which is normally restricted to semi-automatic striker pistols. Two rounds of fire from Mag.22. Double the performance at one time while retaining modest felt recoil. It was spin by our team of Gun of the Week. Look here for your video analysis. The MSRP of the S333 Thunderstruck standard production company is $429.

IFG Davide Pedersoli Howdah .45 Colt/.410 Double-Barrel Pistol

While some guns are the product of popular demand or technological advancements, others are more strongly influenced by history and restrictive regulations. Take the Italian Firearms Group’s (IFG) unique Davide Pedersoli Vintage Howdah .45 Colt/.410 pistol. The design is inspired by the Depression Era Ithaca Auto & Burglar double-barreled pistol used to defend against carjacking and road side robberies. The Howdah is a side-by-side break action with 10.25″ barrels, a case-colored receiver, bead front sight, a folding rear sight and beautiful hardwood stocks.

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IFG Davide Pedersoli Howdah .45 Colt/.410 Double-Barrel Pistol

However, fluid boore weapons under the terms of the National Firearms Act of 1934 are now considered a short-barled shotgun.
So a smooth boring gun needs the same fee and type as a machine gun, a short barrel gun and an optical suppressor.
The receiver and barrels were sized and calibrated to match 1/48 right-hand-twist rifled barrels
chambered for ·45 Colt ammunition to make Howdah readily possible through standard sports goods stores.

The rooms of the room are 2.5″ and 3″410 weapons tall. This makes the gun legal as semi-automatic
weapons and revolvers to sell across the counter. Pedersoli also sells this double-barrel gun in addition to
the Antique edition of this Deluxe and Alaskan version. Davide Pedersoli Vintage Howdah, the Italian Firearms
Party, has an MSRP of 1,395 USD.

Trailblazer LifeCard Folding .22 LR Pistol

In 2017, the LifeCard was launched for the first time.
It’s a pliable, one-shot, single-shot.22 LR utility gun that is sufficiently compact to fit in
an Altoids tin, so that it’s around the same size as when the grip is plied.
The Lifecard does not come within the limits of the ATF regulations and can be sold over
the counter, as with other handguns, because it is not shot in the folded position with the grip.
The bolt/trigger is made in stainless steel with an Isonite finish for corrosion
resistance while both the receiver and the grip frame have a hard-coat black-anodized finish.

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Trailblazer LifeCard Folding .22 LR Pistol

Since a couple of years ago we looked at this gun, Trailblazer has built its product line in an interesting way.
The LR version has been released in a $100 polymer grip system that shaved down the weight from 6.6 oz. the original price.
Towards 5.5 oz. The company has a complete aluminum .22 Mag added as well. Choice.Option.
See this video of Gunof the Week for further details. the LifeCard has an MSRP of $299 for the 1.22 LR and $349 for the.22 Mag. Version.

Altor Corp Single-Shot Pistol

It isn’t easy to choose just one handgun for the most curious crown in production, but the
single-shot Altor Corp is definitely different from any other handgun you might find on a dealer’s shelf.
Drawing on the FP-45 Liberator and CIA Deer Gun‘s minimalistic principles,
Mr. Alex Malcolm crafted the pocket-size pistol for as quick as possible. Only six key
components are available. He wanted to be sustainable, reliable,
cost-effective, and American-made at the same time.

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Altor Corp Single-Shot Pistol

The conical steel barrel twists to the receptor extension, which appears just like the gun bolt. The two-wheel extension.
The cartridge is put in the extension and the barrel is bent. A single piece part backed by a single round wire spring is the firing pin and trigger. The trigger stroke of this gun is totally unique, but convenient. This grip frame is made of black enhanced nylon with a 10,2-oz uncharged weight. A 9 mm or 380 ACP model is available for customers. The single-shot Altor Corp has a $129 MSRP for
9 mm and a $119 MSRP for the $380 ACP.


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