Best 6 Handguns for Bear Country

Best 6 Handguns for Bear Country

We definitely need a discussion about conflicting conceptions of what is vital in this field before I get to what guns are good for a bear country. Two main camps are located there. Best 6 Handguns for Bear Country

  • The first thing is, wear a gigantic cannon, which causes huge damage. Those in this camp think a bear meeting normally takes place in a relatively short time. You get one, sometimes two shots and have to count them. A big boring gun is usually the “best” option for these people.
  • The other camp feels it is best to have a bear weapons that can be used fast and precisely for numerous rounds. You should use a pistol with which you are comfortable, because several entrance wounds cause more harm than any major wound. This mentality appears to arise from the notion that when a handgun is used with an unpractised weapons manual, many people freeze.

Both factions have anecdotal “proof” to back their concepts about armed choices, and in each argument they also have some truth.

I will clearly say that options are not the means of betting. I don’t restrict this to such low-powered bullets. LR 22 and ACP .25.

Even the omnipresent 9mm Luger, especially when employing holster rounds, is not a suitable choice.

What works and penetrates well in a thin skin person would hardly accomplish the task of a lot thicker, denser bone and a much deeper vital zone.

If you opt to run a 9mm bear country, consider hard-cast projectiles for the heavy-weight, truncated cone/wide meplat.

These missiles are however still too thin for huge harm and unlikely to penetrate the 18+ inches into the bear’s vitality.

Underwood .460 S&W Ammo
Underwood makes extremely powerful .460 S&W ammunition that is great for use in your bear gun.

1. Smith And Wesson 460V

The most adaptable large-bore revolver is what Smith and Wesson call this handgun, and that is true. The 5-inch gain-turn barrel offers a superb balance between speed and handling.

The cylinders are suitable for S&W .460, Casull .454 or Colt .45. The costs for practice are substantially lower with all these three solutions, which is a far more detailed weapons handbook for the shooter.

The Colt rounds, which help also in the practice, are substantially lower (almost 50%) in recoil. It is a really pleasant and doable thing to run 100 rounds of .45 Colt a day and to be completely serviceable for lower risk.

The Casull is a notable step up and far better than its prior choice, .44 Magnum. The Casull is very powerful. The .460 is simply another quantitative step up to stop power from this platform. Best 6 Handguns for Bear Country.

The penalty of recoil and muzzle explosive is, however, considerable, even compared to Casull .454.

The normal printing.

45 Colt recoil, due to its size and weight, will feel like an ACP of a full-sized weapon.

Weight unloaded, fifth-row capacity, stainless framework and cylinder, carried barrel for recoil reduction.

2. Ruger Super Redhawk – .454 Casull

This Ruger revolver is a firearmed tank, so much so that greater pressure loads can only be shot safely. For the same reason as with the Smith, I enjoy this five-inch revolver.

The gunpowder is an excellent combination and it is convenient. You can also use the .45 Colt round and even the high-pressure option shown in the chart underneath.

Although this is a major increase from standard, rather than up to 454 Casull statistics.

45 loads of Colt.

The default pressure.

The loading of 45 Colt will rebound from the full-size GLOCK like a soft to moderate 9mm.

Uncarried, weighs 47 oz. unloaded, 6-round, stone and cylinder capacity. Best 6 Handguns for Bear Country

Ruger Super Redhawk bear gun
The Ruger Redhawk is an incredibly powerful bear country gun.

3. Taurus Raging Judge – .454 Casull

For identical capabilities, the Taurus is generally a substantially lower price option. The Strong Judge is able to operate standard. As well as .454 Casull, the 45 colt rounds.

The 5-inch and 6.5-inch choices are quite practical for the anti-bear use. Both of them have high relief to help combat the growth of muzzles and to relieve recoil.

Just like the Ruger,

45 rounds of colt will feel like a moderate 9 mm GLOCK or M&P charging.

Unloaded, five-row capability, stainless frame, and cylinder, 51 Oz (five in) or 53 Oz. (6.5 in) ported.

4. Smith And Wesson Model 29 – .44 Magnum

Smith’s production history lasts 50+ years and comes in hundreds of varieties. I would choose five, six or 6.5 inches for a barrel.

These lengths consume an important part of the powder and nevertheless reach the right holster very quickly.

You will undoubtedly give up some power by falling to a *44 magnum, but you gain a fair deal of control and (in most circumstances) an extra round.

The bullet building is very critical, just as for the more powerful rounds stated above. The objective of deep penetration and the capacity to crush thick bones are greatly defeated with a JHP or a JSP.
It’s a classic bear weapon and will certainly do the job.

CaliberProjectile WeightVelocityMuzzle Energy
.45 Colt225-Grain HC960 fps460 ft/lbs
.45 Colt255-Grain HC860 fps410 ft/lbs
.45 Colt300-Grain HCGC1250 fps1090 ft/lbs
.44 Magnum270-Grain LFNGC1475 fps1160 ft/lbs
.44 Magnum340-Grain HC-FN1425 fps1530 ft/lbs
.454 Casull300-Grain WFNGC1650 fps1820 ft/lbs
.454 Casull335-Grain WFNGC1600 fps1920 ft/lbs
.454 Casull360-Grain WFNGC1500 fps1800 ft/lbs
.454 Casull400-Grain WFNGC1400 fps1740 ft/lbs
.460 S&W260-Grain FNHC2000 fps2300 ft/lbs
.460 S&W300-Grain FNHC2060 fps2820 ft/lbs
.460 S&W360-Grain FNHC1900 fps2860 ft/lbs

Semi-Auto Pistols:

Please notice that when you choose to carry a half car for your bear weapon, you take a big step down the power. The capacity is also much enhanced.

There is something that can be said, but there is something to say that you don’t have to buy a gun that cost +$1,200. I live in the camp that you will (at most) be two to three rounds of the meeting. Best 6 Handguns for Bear Country.

A gun (if we’re honest), which hasn’t been very much used outside the bear country. In this respect, the two best (common) options are here.

Note that there are many more alternatives and I choose several that are rather common.

5. GLOCK 20/40 MOS

These weapons are extremely similar. The GLOCK 40 is the 10-mm Auto and optical option for the long diaphragm, which includes the full/duty rifle.

The longer slide of the 40, I like very much. The 6.02″ barrel offers a little additional speed and helps to lessen the recoil.

That 1,41 inches of a barrel makes it a bit slower to draw, but I practically like anything in a lengthy diaper, let’s face it. It’s fantastic to have an optical on the 40 as well.

Most individuals gain the point far faster than sights, particularly in a panic.

That may suggest that the two-three shots differ or that a first shot is placed properly.

Yes, GLOCK offers 29 as well (subcompact 10mm). It’s a hard weapon for most people to shoot, and you don’t have to face a furious bear.

Off-carried mag, 15 + 1 capacity, Polymer-frame and steel-slide, 30.69 oz. (G20) or 35.45 oz. (G40).

GLOCK 20 and 1911 Bear Gun Pistols - bear country
The GLOCK 20 and 1911 both make for a great semi-automatic option for bear country.

6. .460 Rowland Conversions

A 5-inch or Six-inch slide or Springfield XDM GLOCK 21, 1911 – all Rowland-Converter.

This is for an upgrade from 20 kPI to around 40 kpi, which increases the pressure of the <45 ACP. It produces almost 50 percent speed and doubles the energy of the venerable .45 ACP by the 255-grain hard-cast bullet.

You are approaching closely, with just under 1000 ft/lbs of energy from 5-inch barrels.

44 power magnum. If you run a 6″ barrel, around 50-100 ft/lbs more energy will get you.

The capability of the Magnum Revolvers is over double that of the GLOCK and Springfield (13+1 and 14+1) and the capacity of the aftermarket mager in 1911 is 50% higher. Best 6 Handguns for Bear Country

CaliberProjectile WeightVelocityMuzzle Energy
10mm Auto200-Grain WFNGC1300 fps735 ft/lbs
10mm Auto230-Grain WFNGC1120 fps641 ft/lbs
.460 Rowland255-Grain HC-FN1300 fps960 ft/lbs

Not 9mm, but If You Do…

Please use heavy for calibre projectiles, perhaps seismic munitions, if you will insist on transporting your GLOCK, Smith, H&K… 9mm Luger into the country of the bear.

A 185-grain, 9mm round seismic offers. This has a lot greater mass behind it and a much higher chance of breaking down hard bear bones and penetrating them again and again.

CaliberProjectile WeightVelocityMuzzle Energy
9mm Luger124-Grain HC1125 fps330 ft/lbs
9mm Luger147-Grain HC975 fps310 ft/lbs
9mm Luger185-Grain Seismic950 fps380 ft/lbs

Remember that while the speed of a 124-grain bullet gives it more energy than the Bullet of 147, it dissipates rapidly when the dense tissue is pushed.

The 147-grain bullet in most circumstances better shatters and penetrates deeper into the bones. Although engineered to expand, the 185-grain bullet should almost as effectively penetrate a 147-grain HC.

The additional 38 kernels tend to balance drag inertia against drag expansion and give a broader route to the wound. The 380 ft/lbs. does not even match .45 Colt loads, but if you opt to go underfire it might also be the best choice.

Conclusion: Best Bear Country Guns

Bear country meetings are similar to concealed carry meetings. Your firearms are extremely uncommon, but you need them Right now when you need them, and they must stop the menace.

I believe it’s quite close to carrying a .22 LR for auto defence with a 9mm in the bear wood. Yes, better than nothing, but it actually matters more to feel good than to be prepared correctly. Best 6 Handguns for Bear Country

When in the bear country, what do you carry? Why? In the comment section below, let us know!

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