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Best Handguns For Home Defense

Are you looking for the best Handgun ?

If you’re looking for the Best Handguns For Home Defense ?, one of the most common options is handguns. Why do so many people especially when there are much more powerful weapons available, go with the handgun?

Their compact size makes it easy to store a weapon in a handgun safe specifically
built for quickly getting your gun in life or death situations right next to your bed. If you’re in close spaces, such as a corridor or stairwell, the scale also helps. Although rifles are more precise and shotguns more powerful, handguns are more than precise enough to be drawn quickly when your life depends on them for near to mid-range encounters.

But the right option is which handgun?
To help you pick, we’ve put together a list of the very best.

While we have taken stopping power into account as
well there are some myths about this idea out there.

Some erroneously retain the assumption that the 9mm is
much weaker than larger bullets, such as the common .45ACP.

In the 80s, this was true, but ballistics technology has
drastically improved, and now 9 mm is much more effective.

Remember the fact that the FBI and some police forces went back
to using 9 mm handguns in 2015, if you don’t believe us.

The truth is that if you hit the right
place, every handgun has the ability to stop anyone.

Ideal Home Defense Handguns

We recommend visiting your nearest gun range and renting a couple of them
if you’re having a hard time choosing between the handguns on this list.

But of course, don’t think you’re only limited
to the weapons on this list that we’ve protected.
There are also several other great alternatives out there including those that can
be had on a budget, such as the Taurus G2C or TP9SF Canik.

That being said, with either of these weapons, you will probably be satisfied, but the
best way to determine which one is right for you is to try them yourself.
happy hunting.

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