Best Pistols for Big Hands

Smaller handguns are easier to cover than larger pistols and can be easier to carry. However, not all handguns can handle large-handed people (and in particular, concealed pistols). For people with large hands searching for a gun for domestic security, target shooting or some other purpose, there are a few specific considerations.Best Pistols for Big Hands

You must figure out how the weapon fits in your hands when selecting a gun. How well you can draw and fire your handgun will decide. Efficiency is extremely important in a home defense situation, as seconds can change the result of an incident.

Ultimately, you need to be able to press the trigger smoothly, cope with the recoil, so that you are ready to fire again, when necessary. These behavior can vary in your facility depending on the individual hand size and shape.

For others, it’s most necessary to hold the weapon with the whole hand.
You may want a weapon which is thick enough to hold your hand wrapped too long, although your fingers are still long enough to not slip away from the end of the magazine. This manual positioning in the store can be checked.

Tightening the weapons firmly enough stops them from waving in their possession. Make sure you buy a pistol that is sufficiently big to hold it in place effectively.

A contoured grip can also enhance your pistol comfort. If your knuckle is uncomfortably squashed up to the base of the trigger, a contoured grip will provide you with more room.

Many models offer adjustable backstraps. Ask if you have flexible backstraps that can help create more room for your bigger hands while checking pistons on the shelf.

You will have to choose to use a slightly larger model to suit the fit if you are looking for a concealed weapon. In loose clothes much can still be covered. The main thing is that you can shoot the gun effectively; it doesn’t make any sense to dissimulate it if you can’t easily achieve strong firearms control.

Below are a few pistol choices which are good for larger-handed shooters.


Best Pistols for Big Hands
Best Pistols for Big Hands

A revolver may be a more comfortable fit in your hands than a semiautomatic weapon. Though these take longer to reload, they remain reliable even if you don’t touch your weapon for several months. A revolver might be an excellent choice if you are looking for a guns to
keep in your home to protect you and do not expect to use them much.

.45 Pistols

Concealed Carry Comparison: SIG Sauer's P320 Compact vs. the P365

Concealed Carry Comparison: SIG Sauer’s P320 Compact vs. the P365

You might be able to find one small enough to cover when you are big enough for your hands in the .45 when you want a concealed weapon. The FNX-45 range gives a very smooth power shot.

Full-Size 1911 Pistols

Full-Size 1911 Pistols
Full-Size 1911 Pistols

Plenty of pistols from 1911, particularly if you look for large weapons, will be sufficiently large for your hands. These are the original, conventional pistols and remain popular with a little instrument today because of its serious stopping power.

9mm Pistols

How to Sell a Gun in Kentucky
How to Sell a Gun in Kentucky

Their broad ammo normally takes these pistols into account. They were used by the military for a long time and had great arrest capacity. These are semi-automatic pistols in general with ample weight to carry on them.

Thoughtsto leave

It is very important that you check out various models in your local store if you have previously had problems in pistol size. Make sure that you are able to grip and adjust the magazine reliably and comfortably. These factors allow you to quickly draw and use your gun in the event of an emergency.

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