Culper Precision Discontinues Block 19 Glock Customization

Culper Precision Discontinues Block 19 Glock Customization

With the release of their customized Gen 3 and 19 pistons Block 19 Culper Precision last week made a major stir in the weapons market. The news media and the LEGO corporations were also aware of this splash. LEGO has issued a cessation and withdraws letter in respect to Block 19 customization, which has been decided by Culper Precision to suspend. In response to the attention and debate brought about by the Block 19 dispute, which you can read in detail below, Culper Precision released a statement on their website. Culper Precision Discontinues Block 19 Glock Customization

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We at Culper Precision are grateful for the attention currently received by Block19 worldwide. We have created Block19 to give us a chance to talk about the pleasure and excitement of shooting that can be obtained only in hands-on instruction. While the second amendment was fundamental in the freedoms we enjoy in the USA to control that we people gave our elected officials and to strengthen the weak in the face of people who oppressed and muted, we acknowledged and built that also to show the pure pleasure of shooting sports because we feel like us, our customers. Culper Precision Discontinues Block 19 Glock Customization

The guns community has long expected each of us to take steps to safeguard our firearms from any unlicensed individual as responsible owners of firearms. While we never endorse the legislative duty of individuals, we note that many towns have existing laws which penalize or hold people who do not lock their firearms and allow unlawful access to a handgun by juveniles or anyone else forbidden to do so. We would advise everyone that it is unwise not to secure an ANY color handgun from unauthorized individuals. Many options are available on the whole market to balance safety and preparedness for less than $100. Culper Precision Discontinues Block 19 Glock Customization

Our company takes on a firearm of proven worth and turns it into a personalized treasure at a fair price. People have the right to adapt their property so that it seems to be anything they choose. Our mission is to help firearms owners to better reflect their arms as a person and as a person, our pieces are the owner of the weapon because of the seemingly endless possibilities they have chosen.

Every truth (Block19 is NOT an innovation, it’s a fun safety queen) that we develop in the weapons sector tends to leverage, shortly after it was released, why guns are awful. We sickly abdicate our rights to dread what someone who hates us for practicing our 2nd Amendment rights thinks about us over the last thirty to forty years. We chose to create Block19 instead of fearfully using the loud voices in social media, in order to express that it is fine to possess a weapon and not to wear tactical shirts every day. It is a great pleasurable pastime to own and shoot weapons safely.

Last year, we saw new acquaintances at the fence or who in many cases understand fully the place of firearms in modern society go out and buy weapons. For this first time, we are extremely thrilled to seek weapons instruction and firearms training, because we know that firearms may be enjoyed purely.

Block 19 has been constructed to illustrate all these new arms owners that weapons are not JUST for enforcement or existing or former military or kinds that are prone to open bravado that are so often represented on social media and guns are for Everyone. If you are a firearmer, we want you to be our friend. Whatever may or may not be worth you… if you are human, we built it as a welcome, a gesture of friendliness and inclusion that is able to buy a firearm lawful.

We feel that this inclusiveness is what helps the 2A community flourish and secure our right for the future when adopted by all weapons owners all around the world. We hope that not only as ‘The Great Equator’ can be doubled, but that we also hope that the Great Unifier soon will be the big one, and that is our tiny effort, making it too difficult to go along with the 2nd amendment… Culper Precision Discontinues Block 19 Glock Customization

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Although the personalization of Block 19 is no longer available, Culper Precision has surely stimulated national discourse over the safety of firearms, personal accountabilities and whether or not guns may only be for pleasure. For more information on its services and personalizations, visit the Culper Precision website or visit Facebook and Instagram. Follow them. I highly urge that you check out the articles linked below, whether you possess a handgun or not, either as a refrigerator or whether the concept is entirely new to you.

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