Glock 48 vs Glock 19

Detailed Review Glock 48 vs Glock 19

Oh Glock, everybody said the Glock 19 had been a great covered carry gun at one point. It is now fine, relative as a fairly large firearm compared to a pocket pistol such as the Ruger LCR. It was a lightweight weapon with an easy to operate kit offering 15 rounds on a tap. The Glock 19 is far from being the most common Glock pistol, and the Glock 19X sold 100k in every year. What other discrepancies do Glock 48 vs Glock 19 have?

The Glock 19 is a major common weapon of a popular business. Couldn’t it get improved?

The Glock may have been the lightweight finishing weapon on the Glock 19, but instead the Glock 48 was launched this year. The newest bell is 19-like, but it is much slimmer and is one stacked weapon. At SHOT Show 2019 the Glock 48 debuted and was on the floor and on the day of the range. Glock 48 vs Glock 19

The gun earned an immediate culte from people who saw the advantages of design. The Glock 48 almost looks like a 19th Glock creation, but at the same time it is as different as its own numbers.

Will the Glock 48 disrupt the natural order and substitute the Glock 19 as the ideal compromise for covered traffic? We’ll take a look and find out about the two.

Glock 48 vs Glock 19
Glock 48 vs Glock 19

Glock 48 vs Glock 19: Fit and Finish

Glock is also called Spartan and that is an excellent way of looking at them. You’re not sexy or trendy, and you’re made to work and work. The firearms are not messy or competent, that is to say. The Glock 19 is available in a stainless steel model with a regular finish in nitriid.

The finish is applied equally without strange portions being coated more or less. The blackened finish that you find most is appropriate for both cached carriage and duty. The finish is very durable and wear-resistant.

It can tolerate holster wear and sweat and humidity in general.

The classic Glock finish is well known and well-constructed. The new Glock 48 comes with a new nPVD finish. This gives the arm an impression of stainless steel.

Surely it looks fine and stands out. It’s hard? It’s not like we saw always the nPVD-equipped Glock arms. The nPVD finish is used on various handguns for years and is durable and difficult. I love the stainless arms and the new finish is lovely.

Every weapon has a plain and simple black polymer frame. Without any lines or molds, the Polymers are cleanly cut. The Glock Frame has easy taping and clean cuts for the regulation of the pistol.

The Glock 48 has an NPVD finish which gives it the stylish look and you can hunt the stylish Glock 19s. Both arms look fine, are a little bit dull, but they do not have shape but are more important. The fit and finish are well done in terms of their shape.

Glock 48 vs Glock 19
Glock 48 vs Glock 19

Glock 48 vs Glock 19: Specs

Here’s a significant difference between the two guns. The criteria are almost entirely different. All of that said, the weapons are identical to a set of specifications. Both arms are similar in height and are 5.04 inches high each.

The length of the grip is the same. The guns have identical trigger lengths: the 48’s are not significant but slightly short of the Glock 19s.

The Glock 48 is slimmer than expected. The diaphragm is 1.80 inches in width and 1.10 inches in grip width. The 19 has a slide of 13″ width and a handle of 16″ thicker. It doesn’t seem to be a significant difference, but you feel it when it’s pressed against your body.

The greatest difference is the power of these arms. The Glock 48 comes with a single 9mm stack of 10 rounds of magazines. The Glock 19 has 15 round magazines but can handle up to 33 rounds of magazines.

The weight of the arms differs significantly. With a complete log, the Glock 48 weighs 25.12 oz. When fully charged, the Glock
19 weighs a heavy 30,16 ounce.

The Glock 48 is 7.28 inches shorter in length but 4.17 inches longer. The Glock 19 has a barrel of 4.02 inches but is 7.36 inches long overall.

Each gun is well suited for its chosen position and the details of the gun are what it is and what it is doing.

Glock 48 vs Glock 19
Glock 48 vs Glock 19

Glock 48 vs Glock 19: Ergonomics

As the two handguns are ergonomically quite similar, it can be difficult for one or the other to declare better or ergonomic.
Both pipes have long enough grips to fill your palm correctly. On these guns, you won’t find a rose hanging.

The first generation is essentially the G48. The Glock 19 is in its fifth generation so it is difficult to compare ergonomics without taking the right generation into account. I think comparing ergonomics to the generation 5 Glock 19s is fair since the G48 is published in 2019.

Both arms have smooth, grooveless grips, which I think are better than the previous Gen 3 and Gen 4. In smaller hands in general, the thinner grip of the G48 is possibly more comfortable. The trigger distance is shorter so that shorter fingers can achieve the trigger much easier.

Ambidextrous magazine edition is used in the Glock 19 Gen 5 and not Glock 48. The Glock 19 also has a flared magic that makes reloading quick and easier. The Bell 48 has a full-size diaphragm lock that is standard in all other Bell handguns.

The Glock 48 has forward slide locks, and standard Glock 19 lacks a feature (though not the Glock 19 MOS Gen 5 as seen in the photographs). It is quick to rug the gun from th front or to verify it by pressing the front serrations.

Both firearms have a magazine release which can be reversed for left and right shooters.

Glock 48 vs Glock 19
Glock 48 vs Glock 19

Glock 48 vs Glock 19: Features

The characteristics of those two weapons can be thought about all day. The Glock 48 is a lightweight, ergonomically small gun, honestly packed with characteristics and comfortable. It covers the barrel of the 5th century. The barrel is matching and increases the precision of the pistol.

Of course, the 5-bell generation has the same barrel. Both arms feature wise magazines with testimonial trousers every round, and brilliant orange fans that make the round count in your weapon easy to track.

Finally, both weapons use the Glock safety action system which offers three complete safeguards to avoid accidental discharge without pulling the trigger. All of this is passive protection and the guns are

Even the Glock 19 has a variant called the MOS. MOS is synonymous with modular optics and enables you to attach micro-red dot sights to your arms.

Strictly speaking, the Glock 48 is an iron game. It’s not a bad thing, because it produces an overall smaller arm again. Both arms are simple to use and all modern features should be fitted with every modern pistol.


It’d be difficult to choose between the Bell 19 and the Bell 48. But my environment makes it possible. I
prefer to glide more into larger weapons. The Glock 19 gives me a luminous as well as an optical rock.

However, the Glock 48 is lighter and simpler in the final analysis and does not lose much of a Glock 19’s strengths.

The best of all is Glock 48 for states that restrict more than 10 rounds of magazine capacity. You have a gun that maximizes the weightand width as well as a more efficient platform.

Both of these weapons are bound to serve you well. They have the incredible record of reliability of
Glock, its dead-end controls and its vast aftermarket.

It’s hard to beat a Bell, but let us know what you think from your 19 versus 48 Glock decision below.

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