GLOCK 22 Gen4 .40 Pistol

Glock22 Gen4 Pistols

In .40, the Glock22 Gen4 Pistols makes innovative design improvements to this model of
excellence in which most law enforcement agencies around the nation place their faith every day.
The G22 Gen4 Modular Back Strap design allows you to instantly adjust
its grip to conform to the hand size of an individual shooter.
The new scientifically engineered, real-world-tested, Gen4 rough
textured technology employs the surface of the frame.
The new GLOCK dual recoil spring
assembly internally greatly improves the system’s life.
Left or right-handed operators are accommodated by
a reversible expanded magazine catch, changeable in seconds.
For your accessories, the G22 Gen4
.40 caliber retains the GLOCK accessory rail.

 Glock22 Gen4 Pistols
Glock22 Gen4 Pistols

Featuring a modular back strap design, the GLOCK 22 Gen4 .40 Pistol allows you to customize the grip to fit your hand size
without changing the grip angle and the Safe Action
system, which consists of 3 independent, automatic safeties that help prevent unintentional firing.
The pistol is made of a cold hammer-forged barrel with a finishing
process for nitration and has a reinforced polymer frame with rough-textured Gen4 technology.

Features and Benefits

Accessory rail allows for modular mounting of shooting accessories

Dual recoil spring assembly

Cold hammer-forged barrel with a Nitration finishing process

Reinforced polymer frame with Gen4 rough-textured technology

Magazine has a reversible, enlarged catch that can be changed quickly

Modular Back Strap design lets you customize the grip to fit your hand size without altering the grip angle

Safe Action® system consists of 3 independent, automatic safeties to help prevent unintentional firing

Double action with 15-round magazine capacity


Trigger pull (lb.): 5.5

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Barrel length (in.): 4.49

Action: Double

Rifle Ammo Type: Centerfire

Manual Safety: No

Caliber: .40

Product weight: 22.75 oz. (unloaded); 34.29 oz. (loaded)

Style: Pistol

Product length (in.): 7.95

Magazine capacity: 15

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