How to transfer/sell a long gun in New York State

How to Transfer or Sell a Long Gun in New York State

In the year 2014, in light of the Safe Act, there can be no more private trades or sales between two parties; the state now mandates a transfer through an FFL dealer. How to transfer/sell a long gun in New York State.

The following are your steps to accomplish this:

  • First, call the FFL you’d like to do this transaction with to confirm they will do it.
  • The parties involved in the transaction as well as the long gun in question need to go to the FFL site.
  • There, the FFL will record the gun’s serial number and the date of acquisition in their acquisition book, assuming control of the gun.
  • After the FFL runs a background check (NICS), the person who wants the gun can take it home if the NICS comes back positive.
  • Even police officers in New York State must undergo this treatment unless it is on their badge.

This procedure has an exception for intimate family members. For long gun sales and transfers between family members, they don’t have to go through an FFL. Family members are not included in this exclusion.

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