New 9mm Pistols Under $500/Cheaper Pistols

New 9mm Pistols Under $500

That’s why we’re going to look at five “value-priced” New 9mm Pistols Under $500/Cheaper Pistols
that without busting a budget, still offer many features and results.
To build this list, I used a few criteria: the pistols had to come out in
the past year, their MSRPs are below $500, and their magazines carry at least 10 rounds.

Without exception, the landscape of what is available to American consumers has been dramatically
altered by polymer grip frames, resulting in weapons that are easier to manufacture and buy.
There are polymer frames for all five 9mm pistols in this study, and all but one are striker-fired.
But – one has its own strengths that differentiate it from the rest.

Ruger Security-9 Compact

The Security-9 Compact is deceptive in its appearance, because, particularly with
its trigger safety, it looks a lot like a striker-fired pistol.
It uses the hammer-fired “Secure Action” from Ruger, however. Racking the slide partially
cocks the hammer until the trigger pull completes the loop and fires a round.

New 9mm Pistols Under $500/Cheaper Pistols
New 9mm Pistols Under $500/Cheaper Pistols

Inside a reasonably small box, this unique model (3829) packs 10+1 rounds.
It also comes with a grip sleeve from Hogue that adds some girth but offers excellent control and helps to insulate the user from felt recoil. The slide is made of alloy steel that is through-hardened and wears a blued finish. This is fine but not quite as resistant to corrosion as other finishes, such as Melonite or Cerakote. For a snag-free draw and quick one-handed reholstering, the slide is also bevelled all over. A drift-adjustable, white-outlined rear sight is combined with the white-dot front sight.

The Security-9 Compact features front and rear cocking serrations for quick slide manipulations,
a Picatinny rail and a reversible magazine release considering its budget price point.
With the controls, including the slide lock
and magazine release, a few corners were trimmed.
These were a little undersized and difficult to maneuver at times, but
the Security-9 Compact is a reasonably full price package for the two magazines.

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