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New for 2021 CZ TS2 Competition Pistol

Based in Kansas City, Kansas (UK), CZ USA announced a new addition to
its popular CZ Tactical Sport 2 line of all-metal framed semi-automatic hammer-fired weapons.
Like the previous Tactical Sport, the Tactical Sport 2 is primarily designed for sports shooting.
Like the Challenges IPSC, USPSA, 3-Gun, and Steel. The Tactical Sport 2 is also based on the classic profile and layout of the CZ-75.New for 2021 CZ TS2 Competition Pistol

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New for 2021 CZ TS2 Competition Pistol

The diaphragm profile of Tactical Sport 2 is similar to the CZ Shadow 2, with the diaphragm reciprocal weight placed to minimize the increased muzzle. The frame is also redesigned to enhance overall ergonomics and to further support the muzzle growth and user power. These characteristics are unique to the sports boot market of Tactical Sport 2.

Tactical Sport 2 is coupled to 9 mm and consists of a slide and frame fully made of steel with a weight of 48 oz unloaded.
The Sport 2 has an overall length of 8.86″ and the width 1.57″ and height of 5’8″ forged with a 5.23 “cold hammer.” The Tactical Sport 2
The typical Tactical Sport 2 magazine size is twenty-round, and the magazine well includes a wide range to help load more quickly and easily.

A single action trigger and an exposed hammer are included in the Tactical Sport 2.
The controls include a slide on the left and an expanded publication of the magazine and ambidextrous thumb protections on the door.
The diaphragm has serrations for handling on both sides, along with dovetailed fixed rear sight and front iron fiber optic views.
The frame is also fitted with a beavertail to boost handling and reduce any possibility of diaphragm.

The Tactical Sport 2 is framed with checks to improve grip with and without the use of gloves on the fore and back rails.
The blue grips that come with Tactical Sport 2 have an aggressive control design and are made of aluminum.
Accessories are able to be tailored to the user’s liking for the Tactical Sport 2 since it is compatible with the current Tactical Sport Line aftermarket.

The suggested retail price of the CZ Tactical Sport 2 is $1,699. For more information on the CZ Tactical Sport 2

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