380 PPK/S Semi-Auto Pistol in Stainless Steel

$510.00 $480.00

Because of its ease of concealing and its ability to operate faultlessly in all
circumstances, the Walther® PPK/S® Semi-Auto Pistol has been a premiere concealed pistol since WWII.
The PPK/S has a basic blowback action, an exposed hammer, a hand safety and a double trigger for a single action. Frame and slide are made of stainless steel, as well as other pieces. The top of the slide features wave cuts that minimize glare and the gun has fixed visibility at low profile, which minimally interfers with pulling the weapon out of a holster or pocket. When loading or clearing the pistol, the slide is pressed to a non-slip holder. 380 PPK/S Semi-Auto Pistol in Stainless Steel



MODEL:                      4796001
CALIBER:                   .380 ACP
BARREL LENGTH:          3.3″
TRIGGER PULL: DA/SA :     13.4 LBS/6.1 LBS
TRIGGER TRAVEL:     .04/.2″
CAPACITY:                 6 RDS
HEIGHT:                    3.8
SAFETY:                    Manual
WIDTH:                     1



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