LPA SPS Fully Adjustable Fiber Optic Sight Set

LPA Fully adjustable style rear sight set in Fiber Optic configuration. This is a direct replacement sight for the fixed sight on most common on the Bul M5 pistols. The rear sight is designed in the “low profile” configuration for easy holstering and makes for a great target, combat, or concealment sight. It is a great replacement sight, allowing you to fine tune “Point of impact” to your liking. They are manufactured with precision machined components for fine and positive click adjustments and are fully adjustable for windage and elevation. The dovetail rear sight bases have locking screws which allow for secure retention in the slide dovetail. Green Fiber optic rear and Red Fiber optic Front. Fiber is easily replaceable for different colors. High quality steel construction.



. Color: Black
. Front Sight Color: Red
. Fabric/Material: Solid Steel
. Front Material: Red
. Gun Type: Pistol
. Attachment/Mount Type: Low Profile
. Front Blade Height: 6.85 mm
. Illumination Type: Fiber Optics
. Included Accessories: Includes sights and wrenches

Package Contents:

. LPA SPS Fully Adjustable Fiber Optic Sight Set


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