PMC Bronze 380auto 90gr FMJ 200rds 4 boxes of 50rds 380A

50 PMC Bronze 380 Auto Ammo 90 Grain Full Metal Jacket, 200 rounds, 4 boxes The following information can be found in an ammo review: This 380auto target ammo load has a 90 grain complete metal jacket with a non-magnetic lead core. No other manufacturer can match PMC’s level of consistency and dependability! PMC Bronze 380auto must pass a strenuous inspection by PMC’s “Electronic Powder Check Station,” which precisely measures the propellant charge in each round. The entire system will come to a halt and that round will be rejected if the propellant in any of the rounds varies even slightly (less than a tenth of a grain).

Furthermore, the Full Metal Jacket cartridges are made with a lead core bullet that is encased in a thick copper coating, resulting in little to no expansion and greater bullet penetration. PMC Bronze’s 380auto ammunition is new production and non-corrosive, with boxer primers and brass casings. For those that reload their 380auto ammo on a regular basis, PMC Bronze is reloadable. This 380auto comes in 50-count boxes and 1000-count cases.


PMC Bronze 380auto 90gr FMJ 200rds 4 boxes of 50rds 380A

Manufacturer PMC
Caliber 380 ACP
Number of Rounds 200 UPC
Mfg Part Number:380


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