Trijicon Fiber Optic Pistol Front/Rear Sight Set

Behind Trijicon Fiber Sights are years of engineering and manufacturing experience in producing the industrys leading night sight and fiber illuminated scopes and sights. Featuring similar fiber optic materials used in several Trijicon fiber optic scopes and sights, including the battle-proven ACOG, the Trijicon Fiber Sights are purposely engineered to bring the absolute brightest aiming point while retaining strength and maintaining a refined sight picture. Whether carrying or competing, these bright, thin sights create the perfect aiming point for fast, accurate rounds on target.



. Color: Black
. Front Sight Color: Red
. Rear Sight Color: Black
. Fabric/Material: Fiber Optic
. Gun Type: Handgun
. Additional Features: Instructions on how to replace the fiber on the inside of the backer card, Red and green replacement fibers


. HIGHLY VISIBLE FRONT SIGHT: A bright front post fiber (.060 diameter) combined with a subdued rear sight promotes acquisition of front sight and target
. CLEAR PRECISE SIGHT PICTURE: The .110 width front post and .125 rear notch allow for a refined sight picture in a variety of shooting environments
. DURABILITY TO WITHSTAND EVERYDAY PISTOL USE: . Using the leading edge Trijicon fiber optic materials and decades of iron sight development this sight is designed to withstand rigorous shooting holstering and rough handling
. ONE-HANDED MANIPULATION: Steeply hooked front surface of rear sight assists in emergency one-handed slide manipulations
. COMFORTABLE TO CONCEAL: Rear sight has rounded edges to reduce snag points and improve comfort while carrying
. Included Accessories:
. Trijicon Fiber Sights come from the factory with a .060red fiber pre-installed on the front sight and an extra red and green fiber replacement
. Additional fiber replacements are available for purchase

Package Contents:

. Trijicon Fiber Optic Pistol Front/Rear Sight Set


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