Vektor Z-88 Pistol

The Vektor Z 88 is a South African pistol developed from the Beretta 92FS. The Z 88 was designed to replace the mixture of service revolvers and pistols used by the South African police and military.



. Type: Pistol
. Designer Companies: Denel
. Manufacturer: Denel
. Cartridge: 9x19mm Parabellum
. Muzzle Velocity: ~380m/s
. Action: Short recoil
. Firemodes: Semi, safe
. Feed System: Detachable box magazine
. Ammunition Loading: Beretta 92 compatible magazines:
• 10-rnd
• 15-rnd
• 17-rnd
• 20-rnd
. Weight: 0.9kg
. Barrel Length: 125mm
. Length: 217mm


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