ProMag Glock 44 Magazine Review

This was the first criticism when Glock published its 2019 Model 44.22 LR flush gun specification, why is there only a 10-round magazine? Glock’s decision has a range of potential explanations. The Glock 44 was not supposed to be a self-defense arma, so there is no problem with a 10-round magazine cap. Even a 10-round magazine is used by many popular.22 LR plinks and target pistols. ProMag Glock 44 Magazine Review

Rimmed rimfire cartouches are more suitable than a double-stack magazine for feeding from a single stack. The 10 round cap of the magazine allows the company to manufacture a single model for all nations, including those with magazine limitations. In the end, it’s a glock, nobody predicted this condition from the aftermarket.

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Review: ProMag Glock 44 Magazine Review

Join ProMag, a maker of weapons and accessories. The 18 round Glock 44 magazine was published earlier this year by the Arizona based company Phoenix, which has almost doubling the stock of the magazine. Is it functioning? We were going to learn.

The ProMag Glock 44 retail for $20, or about $9, cheaper than a magazine in the factory. The ProMag version is all polymer as the factory magazine with the exception of its heat-treatment silicone follower spring. The magazine ProMag Glock 44, like the OEM mag, also has ambidextra cuts compatible with the reversible release of the Glock 44 magazine.

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Review: ProMag Glock 44 Magazine Review

It’s less than the G44 factory magazine half an ounce loaded. Fully loaded, it’s a half an ounce heavier with eight extra rounds on board. The Glock 44 weighs 16.3 oz with a fully charged ProMag. Like the factory Glock 44, the circumference of ProMag is the same as the magazines 9 mm and 40 S&W Glock, while fitting perfectly to their magazine carriers. Around one tenth the length of the ProMag magazine is slightly lower than the factory magazine.

Glock 44 Magazine
Review: ProMag Glock 44 Magazine Review

The first 10 rounds were easy to load in the first place. The numbers rose to 15, but the final two or three in each magazine were always a battle for fingertips and fingertips. So they work once loaded? The answer was a qualified yes. We went to the portfolio with various bulk packages, including Remington Golden Bullets (36 gr). We went with a variety of bulk packages (40 gr.).

The magasine would sometimes throw a live round after the first shot, loading it to 18 rounds, and let the slide close in an empty room or “stowing pipe.”

This issue has been solved by downloading a few rounds of the magazine (15 performed well for us). The Remington Golden Bullets didn’t like the ProMag. There will be something around the cut nose of the bullet if the carTVs are loaded after ten rounds, which would make jam in the magazine. The magazine ProMag G44 still kept the gun clear after the last round was shot and forcefully released from the pistol.

So it works, but are the eight additional runs really needed? Many people use the Glock 44 for the centerfire Glock pistol they use to compete or protect themselves. ProMag’s greater capacity permits the replication of the cartridge of the centerfire Glock models with the dimensions of G44 duplicates of 13 round (Glock 23/32) or 15 round (Glock 19).

This will give their training an additional practical aspect as their centerfire pistol will imitate the rates of firing and reloading. In short, the Glock 44 is a nice pistol, and the 18-round ProMag is a reasonable way to fire more and load less. Visit for more information on ProMag Glock 44 18-round magazine.

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