Reasons Why Glock Continues To Rock

Glock pistols in every part of the modern weapons world, whether it’s police force, army or personal defense but why are the pistols still dominating the market exactly? Reasons Why Glock Continues To Rock

What Are The Assets That Drive Glock Pistols’ Popularity:

  • Simple, intuitive controls that simplify pistol handling.
  • The pistols are a polymer frame, which is always light compared to its competitors.
  • The company has always offered an affordable product, which is efficient in manufacturing.
  • The pistols are easy to hold and troubleshoot with a few parts.
  • The last life, perhaps beyond, when they come rough.
  • You can tailor the pistols to your exact needs and tastes with extensive aftermarket upgrades.
  • More than proven by the military and law enforcement agencies of the world in professional use.

You’ve heard of Glock unless you just gave up almost half a century of monastics. You can’t have it, even though you aren’t a gun man or a gal. As the air we breathe and swell as the Amazon River in the flood, the polymer, strike pists are abundant. Here, everywhere is the pistol. Why, however?

The modern world is full of absolute classic pistol designs. And if you are willing to chase a little at reasonable prices. It’s as feasible to get your hands on a quality 1911 or a Sig Sauer P226, even a vintage Browning Hi-Power that ticks like a clock as it is one of the many models of Austrian perfection.

But Glock prevails like no other, filling up the military, police and armed citizens worldwide. It’s a feat of love or hate for you. However, there are several pretty basic qualities that make Gaston Glock as popular as free $100 bills in his pistols.Reasons Why Glock Continues To Rock

Let’s see what makes the Glock one of the most used guns here and now, regardless of model.

Controls Intuitive
Bells are as plain as a Kansas drive. That’s an excellent thing. You want a streamlined system when talking about a defensive firearm.

In fact, only three outside controls have to be controlled—release of the magazine, slide stop and slide lock. The external safety is a second thought, because when you put your finger on the bang switch it is integrated into the trigger and disabled.

The trigger of the factory also helps make the pistols easy to operate. A five-pound pull weight was a significant break in the two-active revolver in the beginning of the 1980s from the 10- to 12-pound pulls. Suddenly, people who were fair to intermediate shooters began to consistently shout the bullseye out. Reasons Why Glock Continues To Rock


Glock guns are light as well. Of course, this would be a boon to professionals who could substantially reduce their total daily burden with their polymer pistol.
The FBI weighed in at around 31 unloading units on, for instance, the 6-round Magnum Smith and Wesson Model 13. Compare the 17-round 9mm G17, which is unloaded about 22 ounces at right. This is significantly lower, with more firepower in load. An aspect that armed citizens do not lose when they carry covered steam.


Originally, Gaston Glock was not a manufacturer of firearms. He made knives and tools. He did. Though this lack of expertise may have contributed to the low overhead of the company.

Given the design of G17 before Glock had the facilities to construct it, the company adapted its production to the gun. In turn, they created an efficient and profitable process.

Given the similarity of function and design in almost all the gunmacher’s pistols, the company still offers weapons that are competitive or well below competition. If you only can buy a budget gun, you probably can afford a Block, unless you are a paycheck.

Easy to Check

The pistols are terribly straightforward. In the Glock Reference Guide, Robb Manning lists 35. The pistols of Ballpark have almost half of the parts of many other designs.

This makes the design more robust to a certain extent. Less parts mean less breaking parts. Moreover, in the line between John Browning and a Glock, it does not take any mechanical genius. More than likely, because of their simplicity, most shooters can resolve general problems with the guns.


The pistols are simple and therefore resistant systems, as already mentioned. In addition, for its durability, they have become known. Their guns are proudly composed of less than 86 percent steel, it may seem counterintuitive. The company is well known for the polymer formula used to create the frame, but the results are self-reliant.
In addition to meeting the standards of many military forces worldwide, there are some who have put their bells in absurd distances. One gun writer claims to have done over 365,000 rounds and is still kicking through his Gen 2 G17. Nevertheless, fewer hyperbolic claims of more than 50.000 rounds – quite common.

Upgrades to the aftermarket

A Glock is quite good out of the box. But if you want, you can improve it for a whole bunch. There are upgrades in the aftermarket.
Too small a plant slide stop? Throw a stretcher on. Would you like to trigger more responsive? Install a trigger connector of 3.5 pounds. Do you need to operate your gun low-light? Get a bunch of night sights in tritium.

The sky – and your wallet – are just about the limit to make your Austrian perfection slice a little more perfect.

Proven In Professional Use

Not really a design point, but worth noting.

Reasons Why Glock Continues To Rock

Since the Austrian Military adopted the G17 in 1982, only influenza strains spread faster around the world. More than fifty countries have adopted Glock’s model as their sidearm, including the army, security agencies and police forces. And it remains one of American law enforcement’s most widely used weapons today.

There is certainly an economic factor, producing affordable guns in the company. It’s more than just dollars and cents, however. Glocks are performing and mostly good shooters are well behind one’s business end.

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