SIG P320 vs Glock 19: Which Would You Rather Have?

SIG P320 vs Glock 19: Which Would You Rather Have?

The ‘SIG vs Glock‘ debate needs no introduction, so we wanted to see what you, the readers, think of their most popular pistols: the SIG P320 vs Glock 19. Presnted by Deep Web Guns

Shooters can use a lot of guns. Gun owners, however, are very loyal and are only happy
to chat about the advantages, models and makers, of various firearms. So, with a new serial called “who would you rather have the gun?,” we decided to join into the debate. “We thought we would probably launch the biggest debate in the world of firearms: Glock against SIG. We decided to get a little bit more granular and fit two of the most common pistols fired by strikers: the SIG P320 vs. Glock 19.SIG P320 vs Glock 19: Which Would You Rather Have?

SIG P320

With respect to the P320 SIG, the United States The Army recently selected a version of the M17 pistol as their service pistol. All other military branches were adopted afterwards. It comes in several versions, including a
lightweight version specially built for cloaked carriage. SIG has launched a civilian model that lives up to the hype.

Glock 19

Glock dominated the police market for a long time. Indeed, in different calibers more police departments issue Glocks than any other weapons. There are many gun owners, along with their credibility of reliability, who choose glock pistols. The skill of this pistol, which revolutions the industry, was no hurt in some films. In terms of popularity, the Glock 19 is the top of the crop.

SIG P320 vs Glock 19

Both of our competitors are 9mm striking-fired handguns, one of the most common rounds of self-defense.
They both have accessory rails for lights and lasers. They also have accessories. The SIG P320 Compact has dimensions
very similar to the Glock 19. The total length of the two is 7 cm while their width fits similarly with the Glock at 1.26 centimeter as opposed to 1.3 centimeters of SIG. But the Glock 19 also holds a much longer tube and slide.

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