Springfield Hellcat 9mm

Springfield Hellcat 9mm Pistols

It is fun to shoot the Springfield Hellcat 9mm Pistols. I learned a few things about the efficiency of ammunition, handling and super-small 9mm handguns. The pistol isn’t a tough kicker.

The recoil is straight back and there is limited muzzle flip. It’s not like firing a GLOCK 19, but it’s a good shooter in the normal range of combat. At five, seven and 10 yards in the initial firing process, I shot at man-sized targets.

By this point, with a large variety of ammunition, I had fired the pistol extensively without a single failure to feed, chamber, shoot or eject. On the first outing, I had good results and today I enjoyed better results in quick shooting and precision.

Just this morning, as I was writing this, I took the gun out and shot 100 rounds of Winchester’s Active Duty. This is a 115-grain full-power FMJ intended for practice and training.

Springfield Hellcat 9mm
Springfield Hellcat 9mm

Springfield Hellcat 9mm Specs

Model: Hellcat OSP
Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 11+1 (flush fit); 13+1 (extended)
Barrel Length: 3 inches
Overall Length: 6 inches
Height: 4 inches (flush fit); 4.5 inches (extended)
Grip Width: 1 inch
Overall Weight: 17.9 ounces (flush fit); 18.3 ounces (extended)
Front Sights: Tritium Luminescent
Rear Sights: Tactical Rack “U” Notch
Frame: Black Polymer, Adaptive Grip Texture
MSRP: $599 (Tested OSP Model); $569 (Standard Model)

Final Thoughts

If size, weight and power determine your carrying needs, the Hellcat should make your short list. To be a first class CCW gun, it has the precision, reliability and “shootability” required, all bundled up in a neat little box. Finally comes the MSRP.

The Springfield Hellcat, priced at less than $600, offers excellent
value for the money and removes the need for compromise. Visit deepwebguns.com for more information.


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