Taurus 1911 Commander

Taurus 1911 Commander: Steel At A Steal

The government model in ACP 45 is not suitable for all. Indeed, for many people, this is not the best choice. Taurus makes the 1911s, and they knew what was above, so the pistol we are testing here ought not to come as a great surprise. In the firearms market, Taurus is still growing, and soon, if you are not careful, you will have to expand into ICBMs. Its latest is the one from 1911, but it is chambered in the size of a commander in9mm — the Taurus commander of 1911. In 1911, the background and details of the pistoled are so well known that it is not necessary. Taurus 1911 Commander: Steel At A Steal…

What we do need listed are the things that Taurus has changed or has done well, and what utility this pistol has for us.

The size of the commander came from the US army in the early 1950’s, which wanted to change pistols. The military wanted 9mm, lighter and smaller. Colt offered a 1911 alloy-framed barrel and slide with a shortening of 9mm. The bazillion was even offered to be reconstructed in inventory at 9mm in 1911/1911A1. But Colt offered the Commander to the market and every day, year after year, those who wore him picked up. The Army did not actually want to change, however.

Colt later offered a steel frame to the commander and changed the terminology somewhat. The old man became the commander of lightweight, and the steel was a commander of fighting.

Subsequently, Colt offered a steel frame to the commander and changed the terminology. The former was the lightweight commander and the steel became the fighting commander.

Today, everyone calls ‘commander‘ and then sets the aluminum or steel. If it’s not a 9mm, you must specify with the shift from everything to 9mm.

In regular location and up close to the muzzle, the slide has cocking ties. Both sights are compatible with Novak so you can exchange the sights of the factory if you wish. If you fan the 3-dot fighting style, you don’t have to change. The now normal lowered and punched ejection port facilitates ejection. The barrel, diaphragm and frame have all the serial number.

There is no rail in the frame (not a problem on a 1911, for most situations). The slide stop is a controlled stop; thumb safety, as is the grip security, is clearly an Ed Brown design. You don’t have to change this because it’s one of the best designs in 1911.

The front strap of the Taurus Commander in 1911 has not been lifted, which is the curve expected from the front strap. The front bracket is somewhat ‘chunky,’ because the external radius does not reflect the inner radius. This causes the frame to feel a little thicker, but most shooters will not notice it unless it is pointed out.

The front leg is checked and the lines are clean, straight and parallel while the diamonds and bars are flat. If you wanted the inspection to be sharper, a gun smith would chase you or learn it yourself. it would be easy enough. However, be aware that sharp checks can be tough on individuals with office soft hands.

The jetty is flat and controlled. Well, “checking,” since the “diamonds” are round rather than pyramids, has all the marks of being a cast. But you can chase yourself, like the front strap. Perhaps we can also start and go to the front strap once the tricks have been learned. And if you mess up the jump box, it’s probably the part that has changed most easily in 1911.

Why do I mention the commander’s work? Taurus does, because. You are more than willing to tell us that it is “easily personalized, since it is built with standard parts from the industry.” Go to town, in other words.

The barrel is a hard-chromed, comprehensive, buoyant barrel. It is not a lock cone, so it is suitable when it is prohibited for competitions where cone barrels. The magazine has a small but significant bevel to it, which makes it a bit easier to reload.

The firing pin block may be one thing Taurus could not do so well. It’s a setup of series 80, and some don’t like it. As long as everything works as planned, I don’t object. The crown or lack of one is another little oversight. At the meeting of bore to muzzle the muzzle is flat, with only the little bevel or ray.

A full-length guide rod is used for the reverse spring assembly. This is one of the things that can make shooters acrimony on a religious level. It’s easily changed if it bothers you. While I prefer the design originating from St. Browning, I usually leave it alone if the existing system works. Since the commandant was made so “reconstructible,” however, Taurus could easily swap the parts required to make it as John Moses thought of them.

The handles are moulded rubber, with the Taurus logo inserted into the controlled design, in a double diamond style.

This is the dirty secret of the world of 1911: Your gun will tell you what your gun wants. Use what you like. Use what you like.

The Taurus commander could be a little lacking as a competitive weapon. You will have a few points of cost for the sight of the short diaphragm. It is best to check the contest details to ensure that some aspect of the Taurus does not put you on the outside. But it will start you, and even a long way to win, before you get up. Taurus 1911 Commander: Steel At A Steal

It would be great as a daily gun. Yes, a bit weighted, but it’ll be comfortable with a proper belt and holster.

The journals are blued and produced by Mec-Gar (a very good choice). The rear of the tube contains a sheet metal distance holding in place by stab crimps to accommodate the 9mm cartridge. The world of 9mm 1911 goes all over the place. Some people feel, parking the cartridge in the front of the tube is the ideal way to hold, position and feed it, thus the distance in the rear. Another camp considers it the most reliable feeding by holding it behind the tube and using the front as a feed ramp control measure. There is a third camp (is it not always there?) which doesn’t feel there is a spacer to use. Thirty eight great magazines. Everything that works, or blows up your skirt, go.

As a home-defense gun, its only lack is that there’s no place to mount a light. But there are techniques to holding a light and pistol that you can find—practice and use the most comfortable one. Taurus 1911 Commander: Steel At A Steal

Last bonus: the price. You really can’t touch it for a reliable, all-steel 1911.

Taurus 1911 Commander Specs
Type: Single-action pistol
Calibre: 9mm Parabellum (.45 ACP also available)
Capacity: 9+1 rounds
Barrel: 4.2 inches
Length: 7.9 inches
Weight: 38 ounces
Trigger: 4 pounds, 4 ounces SA
Finish: Blued steel (PVD Prizm available in .45 ACP)
MSRP: $640
Maker: Taurus USA

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