Taurus g2c stainless for sale.

Taurus g2c Stainless for Sale

Taurus USA introduces the new Taurus G2C series semi-automatic pistols, setting a new benchmark for concealed carry handguns. Self-defense and target shooting enthusiasts will appreciate how lightweight and comfortable these autoloaders are despite their focus on performance.


Welcome to another episode of “I Carry,” Shooting Illustrate d’s weekly video series detailing the guns and gear needed to put together a prospective everyday-carry kit. Today we have a Taurus G2C in an Uncle Mike’s holster. We also have a Stream light flashlight, a Gerber Gear knife and a Clinger Holsters magazine carrier.

I walked into a gun shop this past fall and found numerous Taurii sitting on the shelf, including the revised G2C and G2S models issued recently by the firm. Chatting with the folks behind the counter, I heard that, of all the firearms featured in the store, these were the ones flying off the shelf. Why? Well, despite its MSRP of more than $300, these firearms may be found for sale for $200, a price that’s lot easier to take than a comparable rifle nearing three bills.

So, what do you get for a couple hundred bucks? Actually, for the money, a pretty decent little carry gun. Taurus has been criticized in years past for a number of quality-control concerns. The fallout from these occurrences has prompted the firm to roll out stronger designs built at the company’s factory in Miami, Florida, and their efforts seem to be making results. The G2C is a sturdy, shootable and readily concealable carry gun, fitted with adjustable sights and a fairly crisp trigger for a striker-fired design. All in all, it’s a neat product that’s worth looking at for people on a budget.

Uncle Mike’s Apparition Belt Holster ($31.99)

Of course, to carry a gun like the Taurus G2C, you need a holster. For those on a budget, Uncle Mike’s has always been a go-to for economical concealed-carry rigs, and the business stays true to its consumer base with its latest Apparition holster. Taurus g2c stainless for sale .I have to give credit to the folks at Uncle Mike’s for ingenuity, because the Apparition has some fascinating features, most notably with its adjustable belt clips.

The snap-on loops can be changed for ride height by choosing a corresponding slot. Cant is also adjustable, thanks to an extra notch positioned immediately forward of the holster pocket. Further adjustment is also available via a retention screw positioned beneath the trigger guard, and the entire holster is engineered to bend in order to follow the contour of a wearer’s body.

Streamlight 2AAA ProPolymer Haz-Lo ($21.99)

Continuing on our budget EDC theme, the Streamlight Haz-Lo flashlight is a terrific alternative for just such a kit. Its thin shape can tuck in low inside a bag or a pocket and stay secured until needed, owing to its molded pocket clip. Even with its modest cost, the light nevertheless operates with a straightforward tailcap switch, putting it different from many of today’s budget lights which function with a twist bezel or other push-button actuation. Powered by two AAA batteries, the light produces 60 lumens on a single setting, and the total runtime is 16 hours.Taurus g2c stainless for sale.

Gerber STL 2.0 ($14)

While today’s tactical operators will tell you that you aren’t safe without a fixed-blade fighting knife, the fact is you’re practically sure to use your EDC blade for utilitarian tasks solely. So, why resist the concept? Get something practical, light, easy to carry and economical, like the Gerber STL 2.0. This knife spans only 3 inches when closed and weighs in at one ounce. However, its 440A stainless-steel blade is ready to tackle any work. A built-in thumb hole and lanyard loop allow for one-handed opening and simple carrying.

Clinger Holsters Mag Pouch ($19.99)

For our last budget EDC product, we’re going to Clinger Holsters and its Mag Pouch. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Everyone should carry a spare magazine for their CCW gun. And I’m not saying that simply because we should be prepared for the Mother of All Gun Fights (though that doesn’t hurt), but because magazine-related problems are some of the most-common ones you’ll experience. Suddenly, a 13-shot concealed-carry gun might morph into a single-shot without warning, and being able to throw in a spare magazine can change the outcome of a fight.

The Clinger Holsters Mag Pouch can be carried either in a pocket or inside the waistband, due to a gripping outside material, while the pack cloth -lined interior provides a friction-free surface that allows your reload to slide out smoothly when needed.

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