The 15 Best Concealed Carry Semi-Auto Handguns

The 15 Best Concealed Carry Semi-Auto Handguns

In this post I will show you some of the greatest concealed pistols on the market today. The 15 Best Concealed Carry Semi-Auto Handguns

Whether you want to optimize round counts or the most covert pistol, you will find something to suit your demands in this list.

Brief History on the Development of the Concealed Carry Gun

The subcompact semi-auto ACP 380 had not been hit as fever for far too long.

These concealing semi-automatic handguns were compact, lightweight, fit-in pistols and were recorded when the number of states that were allowed to be carried in secret was more than before.

At that time, there were also unprecedented numbers of women and first-time weapons owners.

After all, the small ACP 380 isn’t bullying a rookie shooter, yet, it is enough to help the majority to defend themselves, to make an unexpected, affordable and felt recoil. The 15 Best Concealed Carry Semi-Auto Handguns

The weapons industry did not take long to notice and the bandwagon was swung rapidly (most) by manufacturers.

Though it took years, even GLOCK released a subcompact.

For some, though, the .380 just wasn’t enough, so the pocket nines started rolling out. More than likely, if a manufacturer makes a subcompact .380, they make a subcompact 9mm pistol —GLOCK included.

Interest hasn’t waned and the guns just keep getting smaller!

The Criteria

This list compares the tiniest semi-automatic firearms to the most lightweight, easiest and comfortable ones, the most disguised semi-automatic handguns.

They all differ in price and quality, but in handguns they are all great alternatives.

Some will function as a backup rather than as your main weapon. Most of them are either. 380 ACP or 9mm polymer frame—just because the smallest calibre of subcompact pistols is easier to build.

A polymer is most frequently employed since the weight of the weapon is kept down. Naturally, the .25 and .32 ACP will allow even smaller weapons, although none of them endorse those self-defense calibres.

The List of Concealed Carry Gun Options

And now without further ado, here are the top 15 most concealable semi-automatic handguns, in no particular order.

1. Ruger EC9s

Ruger EC9s is a great subcompact concealed carry gun

The Ruger EC9 is one of the greatest small, covert handguns on the market. It is a fantastic weapon for concealing pistols, be it a first-time purchase, or a seasoned buyer.

The EC9s are a hitting gun with a light, narrow trigger that makes shooting fast and accurate. The views of this gun are machined into the diaphragm, so that you cannot adjust it to your own views. The 15 Best Concealed Carry Semi-Auto Handguns

It’s just little larger than the Ruger LCP, so if you own one, the size of the tiny pistol may be well understood.

The Ruer EC9s have an integrated safety trigger and manual safety for safety purposes. No version of this weapon without a m is available.

The Ruger EC9s are hard to beat if you’re looking for a trustworthy, robust, cost-friendly, cached rifle. It is easy to see as one of today’s top small arms.

Ruger EC9s 
Barrel Length3.1 inches
Capacity7 rounds
Overall Height4.5 inches
Overall Length6 inches
Overall Width0.9 inches
Weight Unloaded17.2 ounces
SightsIntegral fixed
User rating5 out of 5 stars
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Best Concealed Carry Pistol: Editor’s Choice

2. Springfield Hellcat

The Hellcat is specifically built for every day carries with adaptive grip texture and high visibility sights following years of development.

With an 11+1 flush-fitting magazine and a 13+1 extended magazine, it is the world’s highest micro-compact 9 mm capacity.

The Hellcat comes in black and FDE and optically ready to use OSP. The 15 Best Concealed Carry Semi-Auto Handguns

Because of its popularity, the Hellcat also offers several alternatives to fit any weapons configuration, whether you are using a version of OSP or attaching a light or a laser.

Now I think this is my best concealed pistol after having spent a large amount of time with this weapon.

Springfield Hellcat 
Barrel Length3 inches
Capacity11+1 rounds
Overall Height4 inches
Overall Length6 inches
Overall Width1 inch
Weight Unloaded18.3 ounces
SightsFixed high-visibility
 User Rating4 out of 5 stars
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 3. SIG P365

The micro-compact SIG Sauer P365 is a game-changing EDC carrier with an unprecedented capacity of 10 round. Right now, it is easily one of the most popular hidden arms on the market.

The magazine consists of a patented, dual-stack magnet that can contain 10+1 and the expanded magazine 12+1.

You can also test the P365XL that is a little bigger than the original P365 if the sub-compact version is just too small.

An optical ready P365 can also be taken up which comes with an installed and zeroed ROMEOZero reflex optic.

4. GLOCK 42

The GLOCK 42 subcompact pistol

For a covert daily transport, GLOCK 42 is a wonderful solution. This micro-GLOCK is the appropriate platform for personal defense when underway. It has an ultra compact profile and 6 rounds of .380 ACP.

The GLOCK Safe Action offers several incorporated safeguards and a smooth trigger pull for quick and accurate monitoring. The 15 Best Concealed Carry Semi-Auto Handguns

Caliber.380 ACP
Barrel Length3.25 inches
Capacity6 rounds
Overall Height4.1 inches
Overall Length5.9 inches
Overall Width0.98 inches
Weight Unloaded12.2 ounces
SightsWhite dot front, white outline rear
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 5. S&W M&P Shield

The S&W M&P Sheild compact pistol

The M&P Shield is available in a wide range of sizes and gauges, with reliability and concealment in the industry.

For good reason, the S&W M&P line of pistols relies enormously on covered carriers and police enforcement workers. These pistols are trustworthy and easy to handle.

How tiny and light this pistol makes it easy to carry throughout the day may amaze you.

(Disponible in 9mm, ACP .380 or ACP .45. Model-based specs differ. Here you see the models.) The 15 Best Concealed Carry Semi-Auto Handguns

 6. Taurus G3C

Taurus G3c Concealed carry gun

The Taurus G3C is an accurate, reliable and durable compact pistol offered at a price much lower than many competitive models.

Taurus G2C 
Caliber9mm Luger
Barrel Length3.2 inches
Overall Height5.1 inches
Overall Length6.3 inches
Overall Width1.2 inches
Weight Unloaded22 ounces
Sights3 dot
User ratingN/A
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 7. Mossberg MC1sc

Mossberg MC1sc is a new handgun from Mossberg designed for concealed carry

The MC1sc from Mossberg should be prepared and safeguarded. The MC1sc is an advanced defense pistol which combines the highest possible level of shootabilization with great ergonomics.

It is Mossberg’s first pistol produced in decades and has been rated NRA’s handgun 2021 of the year.

With a crunch pull trigger and integrated security the Mossberg MC1sc features a flat-profile trigger. There is also a strong grip texture, a reversible magazine release.

Mossberg MC1sc 
Barrel Length3.4 inches
Capacity7 rounds
Overall Length6.3 inches
Weight Unloaded19 ounces
Sights3 dot
User ratingN/A

 8. Girsan M1911SC

Girsan M1911sc subcompact handgun

The MC1911SC was developed to work on a small officer frame as a single-action 1911 variant. The hidden porcelain is chambered in the powerful ACP cartouches and is held in the flush-fitting magazine for six rounds.

Also in a 9mm form it is available.

A windowed magazine and a handle make it easy for you to view how many rounds you’ve left without taking out the journal, is a unique feature of the Girsan MC1911SC. This function is shown on this list on no other tiny firearms.

It is also ready to be configured in an optical setup. The 15 Best Concealed Carry Semi-Auto Handguns

Girsan M1911SC 
Caliber.45 ACP
Barrel Length3.4 inches
Capacity6 rounds
Overall Height5 inches
Overall Length7 inches
Overall Width1.22 inches
Weight Unloaded1.6 pounds
SightsRear adjustable
FrameFully melded steel
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 9. Springfield XD-E

Springfield XD-E Handgun

The Springfield Armory XD-E is a dual action/single action-operated hammer-fired pistol.

Its tiny 1″ width makes it easier to hide while you firmly hold it in your hand while firing the aggressive grip texture.

The XD-E has an ambidextrous thumb security and a fiber optic front for quick target purchase.

Springfield XD-E 
Caliber9mm Luger
Barrel Length3.3 inches
Overall Height5 inches
Overall Length6.75 inches
Overall Width1 inch
Weight Unloaded25 ounces
SightsFiber optic front, low-profile combat rear
User rating5 out of 5 stars
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 10. GLOCK 43

Subcompact 9mm GLOCK 43

The same GLOCK torture tests are performed by all of her pistols, so you are sure the gun always works if you need it.

This mini GLOCK is the appropriate platform for personally protection when you’re on the go with an ultra-compact design and 6 Luger runs.

Caliber9mm Luger
Barrel Length3.41 inches
Overall Height4.25 inches
Overall Length6.26 inches
Overall Width1.06 inches
Weight Unloaded16.2 ounces
SightsWhite dot front, white outline rear
User ratingN/A
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Best Pocket Pistols for Concealed Carry

11. S&W M&P Bodyguard 380

S&W Bodyguard .380 ACP pocket pistol

 12. Springfield Armory 911

Soringfield Armory 911 1911 style concealed carry pocket gun

The Springfield Armory 911 proved that your hand was fitted with a pocket pistol and shoot the famous 1911 platform.

This little weapon offers a far more compact and modern package of the familiarity and functionality of the 1911 platform.

(Offered in the 9mm or .380 ACP format. Model-based specs differ. Here you see the models.)

S&W M&P Bodyguard 380 
Caliber.380 ACP
Barrel Length2.7 5 inches
Capacity6 rounds
Overall Height4.1 inches
Overall Length5.3 inches
Overall Width0.75 inch
Weight Unloaded12.3 ounces
SightsStainless steel, drift adjustable
User rating3.8 out of 5 stars
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 13. Ruger LCP II

Ruger LCP II Handgun

With some significant changes, the Ruger LCP is built on the initial success of the excellent Ruger LCP.

In the slide, the front and rear views of this gun are built. They are good quality, snag free sights that are just what you want in a pouch pistol, even though you can’t change them.

The inbuilt safety trigger and the hammer catch are included to ensure that the hammer doesn’t hit the pin unless the trigger is pressed.

LCP II has also been introduced recently with a .22 LR Lite Rack variant and this is one of the better options when searching for a masked carry weapon.22 LR.

Ruger LCP II 
Caliber.380 ACP
Barrel Length2.75 inches
Overall Height3.71 inches
Overall Length5.17 inches
Overall Width0.75 inches
Weight Unloaded10.6 ounces
FrameHigh-performance, glass-filled nylon
User rating4 out of 5 stars
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14. Diamondback DB9

Diamondback DB9 Pocket Pistol

This handgun has a 3″ barrel and a “ZERO-Energy” striker firing system with a mechanical firing pin block making it a great little safe micro-compact pistol.

Diamondback DB9 
Caliber9mm Luger
Barrel Length3 inches
Capacity6 rounds
Overall Height4 inches
Overall Length5.6 inches
Overall Width0.8 inch
Weight Unloaded11 ounces
SightsFront and rear fixed
User rating5 out of 5 stars
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15. NAA Guardian

NAA Guardian Pocket Pistol

The Guardian was introduced in 1997 and is one of the smallest weapons in your pocket. It is the most popular guardian because it combines tiny size, high quality and great stopping strength.

NAA Guardian 
Caliber.380 ACP
Barrel Length2.49 inches
Overall Height3.53 inches
Overall Length4.75 inches
Overall Width0.93 inches
Weight Unloaded18.7 ounces
SightsLow-profile fixed
Frame17-pH stainless steel
User ratingN/A
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What is the Best Concealed Carry Gun for You?

You can feel a little overwhelming when you select your first concealed carry weapons. Today’s market offer many excellent possibilities and everyone has advantages and disadvantages.

The best thing to do is to go to your local range of guns and test a variety of various weapons until you discover one to shoot yourself and work for covered carriages.

If you want additional guidance on choosing one, check our guide on selecting a hidden carrying gun.

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