The Arsenal Strike One: World’s Best Combat 9mm?

The Arsenal Strike One: World’s Best Combat 9mm?

We all need to learn something new and exciting about the things we like. The Arsenal Strike One: World’s Best Combat 9mm?

My friend Darrel is interested in me, running a respected, busy shop and finding the most fascinating shots in some way.
He’s got certain stuff he’s not going to sell, and others running the molt.

However, the Arsenal Strike One was by far his most fascinating thought in a long, long time for a few words.

He tells me that only because he owns another he sold this!

The pistol is now Archon, because the former name confounded the customer with a firm of the same name.

The pistols of Archon differ a little from Strike 1, but the working method is. The Arsenal Strike One: World’s Best Combat 9mm?

Arsenal Strike One Features

The pistol is, to say nothing, unorthodox, but the Strike 1 is produced utilizing known production know-how to produce a very good firearmament.

The slide is machined of a solid steel block and the frame is wrapped with a gripping substance which urges the shooter to grasp the shooter firmly throughout the fire.The Arsenal Strike One: World’s Best Combat 9mm?

A very low boron axis is a benefit of the design. The booring axis is above the hand in the midline.

The less an angle the boring axis will be, the less an angle the reverse can cause. In this respect, a strong grip tang helps.

There’s just not much leverage to increase the muzzle.

The pistol shows little recoil and recovery between shots is amazing – in my opinion there is really nothing faster to a correct shot string.

The 9mm Luger is a powerfully controlled cartridge.

I can automatically declare that nobody is as controlled in rapid fire with such precision as Strip 1, with a safe filled with CZ, GLOCK and SIG handguns.

Excellent accuracy in the long arms range.

The trigger action is mostly a GLOCK type, striking and easy to operate. The diaphragm lock and the journal lock are standard in design.

In contrast to common modern pistols, the magazines were not difficult to load to full capacity. The Arsenal Strike One: World’s Best Combat 9mm?

The sights are actually part of the striker cover, the front sight a standard post. The newer Archon version features upgraded sights.

Function and Operation

The Strike One is not a normal locked brake pistol, shows closely attention to detail.

The gun features a form of geometric ring lock, a rare occurrence in combat guns.

In the first phase of recoil, the ring travels with the barrel and goes straight to the back without any tilting.

This makes the pistol reliable and controllable with a wide variety of ammo.

The action trigger breaks smoothly and clearly with the average Gen 4 GLOCK shot in the two pistols I tested, with an average of 5.5 kg. The pistol is a gentle shooter, rapidly reaching the destination and providing solid impacts.

With such a rifle a trained marker may accomplish wonderful things. The Arsenal Strike One: World’s Best Combat 9mm?

Since this is a different kind of mechanism than most, I wanted to be sure that the gun with a wide range of munitions is reliable.

I tested 9mm pistols that are gas-delayed and blowback that work well with certain loads and choke with others.

We may use different charges based on personal liking when they run at full power 9mm 124-grain loads.

I tested the Arsenal Strike One with the following loads. The modern Archon was tested with only one load due to time constraints.

Here are the loads tested.


Factory Loads

  • Hornady 115-Grain Critical Defense: 1,120 fps
  • Federal 147-Grain HST +P: 1,030 fps
  • Winchester 115-Grain Silvertip: 1,204 fps

Accuracy and Reliability

The handgun was never able to feed, chamber, shoot or throw away in all situations and a magazine was shot with each load during combat.

Totally decent to exceptional performance. Absolute precision is always of interest.

It was not difficult to fire from a solid benchrest five bullets into a group of 25 yards, two cm or lower.

This combination is quite interesting. A steel billet structure in a polymer shell makes much sense, with an innovation in the operating mechanism.

I like the Strike One, but I’d rather find the current all-round Archon pistol.

Not for everyone are Arsenal Strike One and Archon, but the guns are good performers.


  • Calibre: 9×19
  • Capacity: 17+1
  • Barrel Length: 5″
  • Overall Length: 8.27″
  • Height: 5.63″
  • Width: 1.3″
  • Weight: 26.5 oz

What do you think of the Arsenal Strike One and Archon pistols? Let us know in the comments below!

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