Some argue that the .380 round is not a defensive round of first choice. However, many others agree that this is a viable choice. If you look at readily disguisable budget weapons, you will find here four robust budget guns of a calibre of 380 to check out. And check out the bonus at the end. TOP 4 BUDGET MINDED .380S AND ONE THAT ISN’T

This article is from January 2019.

Five Budget Handguns Chambered in .380

1. Smith & Wesson Shield EZ .380

The Shield EZ first places the lighter 380 cartridge in a bigger packaging in our list of affordable pistols. The result is an easy-to-hold, extremely easy-to-control, efficient cannon for covered carriages. It has characteristics that are particularly attractive for persons with reduced hand power and easy-to-load magazines. It’s also easy to clean according to reports. The price of EZ roads is 350 dollars. And see the mags that are offered. TOP 4 BUDGET MINDED .380S AND ONE THAT ISN’T

.380 EZ Shield budget handgun, budget pistol

2. Ruger LCP2

This is Ruger’s second big pocket pistol is iterated. The LCP is small, almost as small as I can comfortably defend myself. This weapon’s repute has established itself and there are numerous LEOs around the country in the pockets and on the knees.

It’s going to kick, because it’s little. Does it work? Yes. Is shooting fun? Nope.

A Ruger LCP2 sells for approximately $250. Nor are Ruger LCP2 magazines so costly.

3. P3AT Kel-Tec

The tiny Kel-Tec was one of the pioneers in the reliable polymer pocket rocket market. I’ve had one in my pocket (and on the range) for well over 7 years (if my math is right), and I rarely leave home without it.


The P3AT offers the perfect backup. It fits into your pocket, and the replacement mags are very easy to take with you (even the 9 circular ones). You’ll be running a new P3AT at $140. Deal with the century to the extent of budget handguns. TOP 4 BUDGET MINDED .380S AND ONE THAT ISN’T

4. Glock 42

GLOCK’s .380 was a big thing when it was last included on our list of affordable handguns. Shortly after the fourth fourth, the fourth one (which is about the same size) vanished into the sunset. Or if you tried to discover numerous 42 supporters, you would think.

Glock 42 budget pistol in .380

The.380 GLOCK 42 is bigger on the market than many other.380s. But this size makes control of the weapon quite easy. It will not go out in the pocket but is great for IWB carriers. You may choose up 42 firearms for $399 all day long. This list is your budget.

5. PPK/S from Walther

Even though these could not fully meet with budgetary guns, admirers of the Old School 380s will be attracted to the Walther’s PPK/s and shortly the PPK. For decades, this design is now about 90 years old. It is now made in the USA, however

If you want a heavy .380 which can really be shot easily, look at the Walther PPK/S. It is easy to hold by extensive grips. On the other hand, after a long day of hidden transport the weight can be noticed. The new PPK/S is… well, it’s complicated. The new weapons fly out of the racks. If FFLs wish, they can actually claim a premium. Anywhere in the middle of $600s I would expect.

More Budget Handguns in .380?

What else can we add to this list? Leave a comment below if you have a suggestion.

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