TRYBE Optics Enhancer

TRYBE Optics Enhancer Scope Magnification Doubler w/ Tube Mount

The TRYBE Optics Enhancer Scope Magnification Doubler w/ Tube Mount amplifies the magnification amount of your current optics. These rifle scope accessories made by the minds at TRYBE Optics double your scope’s zoom capabilities. That means that a 1-4x optic becomes a 2-8x optic, 2-16x becomes a 1-8x optic, and so on.

TRYBE Optics Enhancer – Optic Magnification Doubler

This TRYBE Optics Enhancer – Optic Magnification Doubler can work for one model and 34mm aim for the other model for most riflescopes with a 30mm or in objective, and it easily connects to your existing scope without needing any changes to your weapon platform.

TRYBE Optics Enhancer - Optic Magnification Doubler
trybe optics enhancer

You can also buy a BOTH-mounted Enhancer! This way, if you want to switch between scopes, the two mounts are timed by the Enhancer. You already have the mount you need if you upgrade from a 30mm/1inch scope to a 34mm scope in the future! This system has its own windage and elevation changes, ensuring that with your new scope settings, you never need to fidget around.You can produce more precise shots on target with an advanced magnification and gain the ability to accurately compare bullet weights and styles when at range.

Trybe optics enhancer

Complete with patented Diamond Bright coatings, these magnifiers are made with ED glass that provide the crispest, clearest images with reduced glare and optimum brightness. Plus, these coatings produce a surface that is scratch-resistant for use in harsh environments.

The current light transmission rate will not be adversely affected by the use of the Enhancer, and it will not affect your field of view (FOV) more than a double magnification range. What does all of this mean to you? This means that you can build a more flexible riflescope that can double the magnification on the fly without adversely affecting your experience of sighting.

The Enhancer has an objective lens of 40mm and only weights 8 ounces. It is just over 3 inches long and when placed on your favourite riflescope, you won’t even notice it. Yeah, and it’s also waterproof, fogproof and shockproof, so without fear, feel free to use it in bad weather conditions and on strong calibers of weapons. To upgrade your riflescope to fine-tuned accuracy in the field, get your TRYBE Optics Enhancer Scope Magnifier today.Trybe optics enhancer

TRYBE Optics Enhancer Features – Magnification Doubler w/ Scope Mount:
  • Two-piece device with an HD/ED lens and a precision mount that connects to your new tube riflescope
  • Does not include improvements to the current firearm platform
  • Has windage and elevation modifications of its own
  • For optimal light transmission, glare reduction, and scratch resistance, ED glass with a patented Diamond Bright coating
  • Does not have a greater effect on the field of view than a double magnification range will
  • Fogproof, waterproof and shockproof
  • TRYBE Optics Enhancer Scope Magnification Doubler w/ Tube Mount
Package Contents:
  • TRYBE Optics Enhancer – Doubler of Magnification w/Scope Mount
  • (1) hex key 3/32 for clamp screws.
  • (1) Hex key 1/16 for locking screw
  • Black cover with vinyl lens on either end

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