Revolvers and other small pistols are preferred for concealed carry because they can be concealed easily. Choosing a concealed carry weapon? We have professionals who can assist you find the best pistols for CCW.


When planning to buy a concealed carry handgun people tend to conflate “best” with “small,” but small relates to different people in different ways.
Six-foot-two Bert weighing 240 pounds may see a compact pistol as small in his ever expanding waistband whereas 5-foot-4 Ernie weighing 120 pounds finds the same gun too big for his skinny jeans. Therefore, “practical” might be the preferred definition. The best concealed carry handgun is what’s most practical for you.
As the term implies, a concealed carry handgun is one you could carry without alerting others to the gun’s presence. The goal when selecting a concealed carry handgun is finding one that gives you a sense of security, but also holsters comfortably and remains hidden until you access it. While this list will mention brands and specific models, their use will illustrate attributes of handguns as they relate to concealed carry.
Here are the five best handgun options for concealed carry.


Beretta PX4 Storm Compact

Gun makers generally produce smaller-scale versions of their full-size pistols as a way to offer a compact option. Thus, the gun itself is similar to its full-size cousin in many ways, but in a smaller form. Because of options like an attachment rail, adjustable sights, and a bigger magazine capacity, small pistols are becoming increasingly popular for personal protection. However, how realistic is it to hide a tiny pistol?

Compact pistols are made by shortening the barrel and the grip by about an inch. A well-balanced handgun that can be used by nearly all shooters because to its three-finger grip stays. Though it does allow for easier concealment, a subcompact pistol is often not any more practical than a full-size handgun for those with medium or tiny frames.

The Beretta PX4 Storm Compact is a nice illustration of this phenomenon. The Italian firearm manufacturer lowered the barrel from 4 inches to 3.27 inches, and also shortened the grip from 5.51 inches to 5. The alterations make the functional weapon compact enough for service, yet yet convenient to either carry open or in secret.


Smith & Wesson Model 36
Smith & Wesson Model 36

A revolver with a barrel of 3 inches or less that has a small frame is called a “snub-nosed” gun. The distinction is that it’s semi-automatic handguns with a twist (besides the cylinder, obviously). Unlike a revolver with a shorter barrel and grip, a snubby is simply defined by its length.
To support more general acceptance of concealed carry, snub-nosed revolvers came into vogue. The upside to a snub-nosed revolver is that it is quite simple. Regardless of the gun’s or ammo’s quality, the cylinder rotates with every trigger pull.
A Smith & Wesson J-Frame is generally the first revolver to come to mind when one thinks of a snub-nosed revolver, an indication that applies to many different Smith & Wesson revolvers. Although generally associated with a .38-caliber chamber, there are a range of calibres available. In addition, a number other affordable gun manufacturers, including Charter Arms and Taurus, manufacture models that mimic the Smith & Wesson design.


Kahr CM9
Kahr Arms CM9

Compact handguns tend to be even more compact, and many gun manufacturers use the same process to make their full-size pistols smaller. While they are easier to carry, they are more difficult to fire because of their diminutive size. You’re using the same level of weapon on a much smaller scale. Glock pistols are among the most iconic handguns around.
Though it’s smaller than the conventional Glock 17, the Glock 26 maintains the quality of a Glock 9mm handgun with double-stack magazine capabilities. It’s compact, but it’s capable of storing 10 rounds. The handle only has enough room for two fingers currently, therefore the grip is very thick.
Although other firms design subcompacts first, Kahr Arms is known for producing small-calibre handguns that are suitable for concealed carry. This smaller, more agile and more intuitive series subcompact is the antithesis of the overall series. Single-stack magazine design is responsible for making thin subcompacts possible, wherein cartridges stack atop one another.


Glock 43
Glock 43

Even though slimline pistols are classified as subcompact handguns, we have created a separate category for them because numerous manufacturers have built them with duty-pistol specifications in mind. Smith & Wesson, for example, has the M&P Shield, while Glock offers the Glock 43x and 48. The goal was to design a compact weapon that resembled their popular basic model.

Slim handgun designs are similar to subcompacts, but they are identified by their width, which is approximately an inch. It’s easier to conceal and more intuitive because of their slimness. The manufacturer redesigned the rifle around a single-stack magazine, which makes it possible to create these configurations.


Diamondback DB9
Diamondback DB9

They are sometimes called “get off me guns” since they are supposed to be used in response to a threat. For example, if a criminal tries to ambush you when you are about to enter your automobile. Since a gun is so close, the scenario is really a no-brainer.

A concealed weapon is most obvious when it is tucked into your pocket with room to spare. The drawback is that for such concealability the calibre selections and magazine capacity are generally limited. This is a tricky balancing act. Manufacturers wish for guns to carry the largest number of bullets possible while also remaining powerful enough to be used to defend oneself.

Previously, many regarded derringers as the most effective pocket pistols, but new technology has changed that perception. For example, Diamondback Firearms began manufacturing handguns designed to handle Florida’s short summer seasons. Diamondback pistols offer you the following: 380 or 9mm, whatever complements your cargo shorts for the day.


While it’s absolutely true that smaller is easier to conceal and carry, it’s not always practical. For optimum personal concealment, your concealed carry pistol should be a good fit for you. What is both portable and simple to manipulate.

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