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What Is the Best 9mm Handgun?

Simple: It’s a Glock 19, everyone knows. Wait, no. Wait, wait. The Sig P226 is literally.What Is the Best 9mm Handgun?

No, no, no. No, no. It is the
HK VP9, actually. Or the 75 CZ. Or the M&P 9 of Smith and Wesson. Otherwise the Kahr P9. Or the PPQ of Walther. Or…

You get the picture – the “best” concept is basically subjective. What works for you does not work for someone, and vice versa. Factor in the interactions of people with various suppliers, likes and dislikes certain weapons and the way they intend to use or transport their firearms.

Despite all this, there are definitely a range of factors you can use to justify your decision to buy a gun. In the final analysis, there is always ways to differentiate between your preference and your shooting style.

Without translating it into a debate between distributors and manufacturers which can be even huger than debating the best caliber, let us try to decide how the weapons best suit your particular requirements. Since this is what it’s all about: what is your best 9mm?

What Are Your Needs?

Let’s start by talking about why you want the weapon. What are your needs for finding the right 9mm?
Will you use it as a regular carrier? Wanna take part in competitive shooting? Is that the defense at home?

A variety of further considerations emerge from the responses to these questions.

Do You Already Have Any 9mm Guns?

Maybe it sounds dumb, but it’s good. What about the weapons that have not made them the best 9 mm for their intent, if you have another 9mm or two (or 10) already?

The ability to decide what things you do not like about the firearms you have already lets you minimize your options by choosing a gun that does not have any of these inconveniences. You’ll also want to ask yourself the opposite question: take stock of
your own weapons that must be included to make a gun “best.”

Straight Out of the Box

Most are wondering what the best 9mm is.

Some fans are hard-dropped supporters of a certain gun brand. They tell you that the brand is the best 9mm choice on the planet. It’s the best thing ever conceived, as if John Moses Browning himself handed it over from the sky.

But it doesn’t matter: no matter what anyone thinks about his favorite weapon and why it is best, it has to have everything you want and be accurate and reliable right out of the box in order to be the best 9mm.

If you have a buddy who swears by the gun but advises you to make X, Y and Z after you buy it, then this isn’t the best 9mm.

Gun Ergonomics

This may seem arbitrary, but when it comes to the ergonomics of a gun an element of objectivity can be found.

You probably prefer the grip angle and how you feel a certain weapon in your hand.
This is subjective. But you should objectively exclude firearms you know won’t satisfy them
regardless of what, before determining if a gun suits your subjective requirements. What Is the Best 9mm Handgun?

You want a Glock-style grip angle, for instance? Guns which have no such purpose will not suit you best, then. So.
Or, you want a theme of 1911? Once again, this quite clearly narrows down the field: either a gun has or does not possess a certain ergonomic characteristic.


Trust for any gun and definitely for any gun worthy of being called the ‘best’ is the absolute
must. And good news: there are reasonably sound ways to determine whether a gun is reliable or not.

Third parties also do reliability testing and you can watch people on platforms such as YouTube doing various forms of testing.
However, one of the easiest ways to assess if an arms are or are not effective is by seeing if they have any military or special use.
While some people argue that military and special forces have different needs than civilians and even police officers, the important thing to note is that they can use weapons per

Military and special operations units need weapons that perform efficiently in extreme harmful environments around the world – for instance in severe climates. Such units are routine to massive variations in weather and temperature,
and if their weapons hold them up, they’ll hold them for you. It isn’t fanboyant to believe that if a weapon is used by the army it might be the very best. Nor is it wrong to say that it’s not the best one simply because they have a certain arm.
It helps just to give you a stick to measure.

Ammunition Considerations

Of course, we are looking for one that shoots 9mm bullets, because we are debating the right 9mm handgun.
But there are several ammunition suppliers, various ammunition grains, and variations between ammunition and self-defense ammunition. To be known as the best weapon, it must all have no problem in handling them.

What does a 9 mm pistol work if you cannot find ways to take it with you? It does not matter what.
In most cases, the best 9mm is that on which you have a weapons. Don’t forget about that. Don’t forget that. How strong your weapon is, if you don’t have it when you need it. It doesn’t matter. This means that the best 9mm
has easier holding, hiding and holder choices. What Is the Best 9mm Handgun?

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