Which Guns Use 9mm Ammo?

Which Guns Use 9mm Ammo?

The 9mm is arguably the world’s most famous handgun cartouche.
Don’t believe it? Don’t believe it? Try to find a 9mm ammunition when some sort of shortage happens —
in these cases you can see that it was the first to go. The 9mm round is being used by everyone, from football
mothers to US military special operations, from the first FBI shooters. It is just as utilitarian as anybody
might be in a round and caliber. Which Guns Use 9mm Ammo?

A Brief History of 9mm

George Luger designed the 9mm round. It was originally founded in 1901 and opened in 1902 to the public. Virtually every military and police force in the world has been employed since then.

The cartridge was sent to the US and to the German armies at the beginning of 1904 and it was widely used during the First World War. It has been engineered to be lethal at 50 meters but can actually keep lethal. It has a flat path which makes it a precise pistol round.Which Guns Use 9mm Ammo?

One of the key attributes to the success of 9mm ammunition and to its growing popularity is that it has enormous capacity for magazines. The ability and lack of efficiency hindered other weapons and rounds of the time (such as 1911 and 38 Special). The 9mm cartridge allows a large magazine to fit into a small firearm and still promotes competitive performance.

Over time, it became the regular carrier, and the round had to contend with other calibres. It was commonly adopted by police forces in the United States, and by most officers in the eighties it was the major choice. In 1985, the.9mm Beretta M9 was chosen
to substitute the.45 ACP as the US 1911. The official handgun of the Army’s military. In fact, this improved the 9mm status as the United States’ caliber of choice.

It was during that time that polymer pistols shot by strikers became widely circulated. Booming all the hitter-feuered polymer handguns with the use of the9mm round was the appeal of models such as the Glock 19.

Why the 9mm?

Which Guns Use 9mm Ammo?
Which Guns Use 9mm Ammo?

The 9-mm round is loved for many reasons, but the common ones are price, availability, precision, usability, capacity and hiddenness. It’s a working horse that fits any budget or taste — it literally fits everybody’s caliber.


Which Guns Use 9mm Ammo?
Which Guns Use 9mm Ammo?

It has its benefits, particularly when it comes to price, as the most common handgun caliber in the world. In the majority of cases, the price per round is comparable to or below the competitive price, especially if you buy in bulk.


The 9mm round is the easiest round to find in the world (panic-buying and other kinds of uncontrollable events notwithstanding). The 9mm is likely to be the first thing to find out where ammunition is on sale in gun shops, gun shows and online. It is the first caliber even on our website when looking for bulk ammo and standard ammo weapons.

This isn’t unintentionally. 9mm is the most people want to buy, so it’s easiest to find and buy if you shopping.
Will this be your element of decision? It’s up to you, but surely it doesn’t hurt knowing you can find the munitions you need.


As we said before, 9mm has a flat route that allows it to remain on better targets. Although it is rated at 50 metres, anecdotal evidence suggests that goals can be achieved far higher. A simple YouTube search network helps you to search many videos of shooters shooting a 9mm pistol with a 100-yard or longer objective.

While you will never have the room to try this feat, it’s a major sign in the plus column that the round will go that far and reach what you were aiming for. This also enhances your own success in target firefighting in a limited range; in this regard it also increases productivity in a self-defense situation.


The 9mm round is also one of the most convenient on the market cartridges. We spoke about how this is accurate for the precision of the round but it has low reverberation, making the shooting easier to handle. This additional control makes it easier for you to be specific. The 9mm round is also the lowest rebound from regular 9mm, S&W and ACP self-defense calibers.
It is generally thought to be the best round to use as you get used to firing whether you want to be self Defense or target shooting.


Typically, this is the role of the average individual with the scales of 9mm. You want to fit as many bullets as possible, if you are looking to buy a weapon. Why does this happen? And it sucks to reload. You haven’t purchased a weapon to reload; you purchased it to fire it. If you stop continuously to place more rounds in it, your gun cannot be fired.

And that’s not to mention the question of self-defense: if you have purchased the gun, you want the chance to live as humanly as you can. Typically just seven rounds carry a full size 1911 at.45ACP. What if more than that is needed? There is a great risk that you won’t have the opportunity to refill if your situation is especially dire. In addition, stressful nervousness or a lack of practice will lead to missed shots, which can save the surplus capability.

Even with inherently exact weapons and calibers such as 9mm, people are continually ignored by the stress of actual self-defense. See several videos of police shoots – experienced and well-trained officers often skip them.



While this works in tandem with capability, hiddenness remains a significant factor. The thing about 9mm firearms is that they can still carry a lot of rounds even though they are small and concealable. For instance, the Sig Sauer
P365 is considered a microcompact gun. As the name suggests, it is also one of the smallest handguns on the market.
It is small enough to blend in without being obvious inside your pocket.

This firearms still holds 10 rounds, considering its little stature, and without any kind of extension of grip. In a measure other than 9mm is not necessary, even if that speaks of Sig Sauer Engineering.

What Guns Shoot 9mm?

You’re only sold on 9mm? If you are, a long list of weapons that ignite the 9mm cartridge will be found. Here are a couple, separated by the producer:

Smith & WessonGlockSig SauerHeckler & KochBerettaCZ
M&P 9G17P938VP992FSP10
M&P ShieldG19P320P30SKPx4CZ-75
M&P 9 2.0G26P365P30APXShadow
M&P 9 Shield EZG34P365XLP2000M9A3 
 G45P229USP Tactical  

These are only the most frequent 9mm choices in gun shops and exhibits. Other firms, such as Springfield Armory, Colt and Hallo-Point, are manufacturing handguns in 9mm, to name but a few. When an organization makes handguns, a 9mm pistol is made.

The 9mm round is one of the most famous calibers on the market, common and user-friendly. You should be confident that 9mm is a solider, realistic ammunition option if you are looking to add one to your range, take it into account for the first purchase or simply reaffirm that you have made a positive decision on your last purchase.

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