Winchester Model 21 Shotguns

Winchester Model 21 Shotguns

The Winchester Model 21 Shotguns was a high-quality American double-barreled side-by-side shotgun designed by Frank F. Burton in 1924 and produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company from 1931 to 1959. Winchester’s first double-barreled shotgun, the Model 21 represented Winchester’s attempt at producing a double-barreled shotgun of fine quality.

One of only two Winchester Shotguns to launch a new shotshell is the Model 21 20-gauge, while the other is the Model 42 with a 3-inch .410 bullet. For several years, Winchester and Western managers played with the 3-inch 20 gauge before choosing to offer the new shell in the Model 21. In articles in Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, and The Gun Digest, Jack O’Connor and Warren Page made many references to Winchester’s early experiments.

 Winchester Model 21 Shotguns
Winchester Model 21 Shotguns

Excellent overall condition, Bluing is 90-95%. Only wear on the high edges and grip area of trigger guard. Bores are bright and shiny. Function is excellent. small chip on bottom of stock where it meets the body. Furniture otherwise has very few noticeable flaws.


Barrel Length: 30″ both guns
Chokes: .015/.029 LM/F; .015/.031 LM/F
Bores: Mirror; Mirror
Bore Diameter: .665/.665 both
Wall Thickness: .030/.030; .030/.028
% Blue: 99.5% both guns
Chambers: 2 3/4″ both guns
Ribs: vent rib, tight both guns
Sights: Red Bradley frnt


Action: tight, right of center, both guns
Ejectors or Extractors: Ejectors, Excellent both guns
Case Color: rec blue 99.5%; rec. blue 100%
Screws: perfect
Engraving: #6 style Pigeon, both
Trigger Type: single selective trigger, gold, no wear
Trigger Guard Color: 99%


Type: Straight/beavertail, both guns
LOP: 14 7/8″; 14 7/8″
LOP To End Of Wood: 14″; 14″
DAH: 2 1/2″; 2 5/8″
DAC: 1 9/16″; 1 9/16″
Cast: 0; 0
Checkering Condition: Deluxe style, superb
Butt Treatment: Orange winchester pad


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